d!” Xu Ying glanced hastily and exclaimed.

Taoist Master Tongtian also exclaimed in shock: “Incompetent person!”
That ancient god was the ancestral god of the three realms. When Taoist Master Tongtian was in the three realms, he witnessed the destruction of the human world and the immortal world. He became resentful and complained about the inaction of the ancestral god, so he called him incompetent.
The Ancestral God controlled the great avenue of heaven and earth on the other side, and his cultivation strength increased steadily. He shouted: “Tao Zun asked me to come to help!”
Luo Taizong’s reincarnation of the great unity on the other side suddenly began to disintegrate, the stars returned to their original positions, and the continent on the other side returned to normal!
Luo Taizong was shocked: “How can the ancient gods in the heaven master the avenue of heaven and earth on the other side of me?”
He suddenly thought of a possibility and became confused.
/Master Tongtian, Hua, Lin, Luo and others took the opportunity to attack. Luo Taizong was confused and was hit hard by several spiritual treasures, and was finally injured.
However, he was still extremely fierce and fought back again, killing the ancient god one after another. The four masters of the avenue, Tai Yi, Cen Xi, Dong Xuan, Wu Xi and others also suffered losses one after another!
“It’s just you kid who keeps ruining my magical powers by jumping around!”
Luo Taizong’s eyes flashed fiercely, locking onto Xu Ying, and suddenly he flashed out of the ancient god’s body and flew straight towards Xu Ying!
Xu Ying hurriedly hid behind Master Hua, and Master Hua tried his best to activate the innate spiritual treasure and blast it towards Luo Taizong!
When the two collided, Hua Dao Master was defeated, but other Dao Masters immediately rushed to support him.
The ancestor god shouted: “Luo Taizong! I came here on the orders of Tao Zun. Firstly, I want to make peace, and secondly, I want to ask you. Is your purpose of coming back to kill all the masters on the other side? Or is it because the Taoist Alliance asked you to come back? Any other purpose?”
Seeing that he could not succeed, Luo Taizong suddenly forced everyone back, took the ancient god’s body into the air, and rushed out of the encirclement.
Xuannv, Tianchengzi and others on the periphery did not dare to stop them.
Luo Taizong did not leave immediately, but stopped suddenly, raised his head and looked at the ancestor god.
Master Hua and others hesitated for a moment and did not continue to surround him. This battle scared them to death.
The ancestor god was not afraid at all and met Luo Taizong’s gaze.
Xu Ying and others secretly felt a cold sweat for him.
Although the Ancestral God has mastered the great ways of heaven and earth in the three universes, his cultivation strength is still far away from Luo Taizong.
“I wonder why the ancestor god is so bold?” Xu Ying thought to himself.
/Luo Taizong said: “Did Master Dao ask you to ask?”
The ancestor god nodded slightly and said: “