ally collude with us and use our methods to defeat us!”

Xu Ying said in surprise: “Brother Dao, why did you say this? I helped you absorb the Sea of ??Chaos faster, you should be grateful to me.”
The donkey under Dao Yin’s seat became furious and sneered: “Xu Ying, you got an advantage and still acted like a good boy! Plant more chaos spiritual roots, give birth to more cosmic flood sources thousands of times larger, and absorb as much chaos as possible The Qi of Chaos, in this way, the Qi of Chaos absorbed by Black Jade Ganoderma will be greatly reduced. Our goal is to completely open up the Sea of ??Chaos and see the truth of the avenue. If you mess with it like this, I am afraid that we will destroy these cosmic flood sources everywhere!”
/Dao Yin sighed and said: “The most insidious thing about Fellow Daoist Xu is that if we destroy these cosmic flood sources, we will suffer huge consequences. If countless people in these universes die in our hands, even the Yuanshi Realm Even my existence cannot withstand the burning of heavenly fire.”
He shook his head and said: “My Taoist friend’s heart is so vicious.”
Xu Ying bowed slightly and said with a smile, “Brother Taoist, that’s ridiculous.”
With a warm smile on his face, Dao Yin said with a chuckle: “Fellow Daoist Xu, please don’t be complacent. Although your plan is good, it still requires these cosmic flood sources to grow and be opened up. If you die young without being able to mature, then there will not be many catastrophes. transport.”
The donkey brayed several times, looking very proud, and shouted: “But before these cosmic floods die, you, the culprit, must be executed first!”
Xu Ying looked solemn and said: “Brother Dao is a being in the Yuanshi Realm. If you come to kill me, you must be completely sure. I am just a Tao master, and I will definitely be doomed. After Brother Dao kills me, can you bury me in the Among the spiritual roots of this wisteria?”
Dao Yin smiled and said, “You can rest assured. After I kill you, I will erase all your avenues and refine the fragments of your avenues into the wisteria.”
Xu Ying breathed a sigh of relief and smiled: “In this way, I can die without regrets.”
The donkey couldn’t help but sneered: “You think you have defeated our plan? Although your plan is clever, but after we discovered it, after killing you, we can still destroy these cosmic floods without having to bear the consequences!”
Xu Ying ignored it and said solemnly: “Brother Dao, I will not sit back and wait for death. Please!”
He activated the Houtian Dao, and the Dao Road appeared under his feet. The state was like the Dao Master state, but also like the Dao End state, which was very strange.
He is said to be in the Taoist realm because his path is still evidence-based, but the strange thing is that it is unified by the acquired path.
It is said that he is the end of the road because the acquired road is unique. Standing on the road he created, it is not the end of the road. But the strange thing is that he did not form a road mark at the end.