g smiled slightly and said, “I have already guessed that you will encounter this situation and will come to find me, so I told Emperor Xu and others to keep you.”

Dao Ji bowed and said, “Brother Dao, please give me some advice.”
He has a very high self-esteem and has never treated anyone with such respect, not even Yuanxu, the leader of the Dao Alliance back then. But only Promise deserves such respect from him.
At that time, he was trapped in the Great Perfection of the Tao Master Realm and was unable to break through. Xu Ying pointed out to him the state of annihilation of the Tao and the end of the Tao of himself. Only then did he suddenly realize that he finally broke through and achieved the Tao of Nirvana.
Xu Ying looked at the battlefield where people were fighting and fighting, and said: “What you cultivate is the cosmic level of Nirvana. The strongest one is like the Nirvana of the Hunyuan Immortal Dynasty. It can only kill tens of thousands of people on your left and right.” A universe. And now, it is the fate of annihilation of the entire sea of ??chaos, which will turn everything in the sea of ????chaos into the sky fire of annihilation. When this fate comes, the avenue of annihilation that you have practiced in the past is just a drop in the ocean. Faced with this The terrifying atmosphere of Nirvana, coupled with the increasingly serious misfortune of the Chaos Sea, makes it impossible for you to maintain your Taoist heart even if you are the end of Nirvana.”
Daoji’s mind was shaken, and the catastrophe of annihilation at the level of the sea of ??chaos!
/This avenue of annihilation goes far beyond the end of the avenue and is incomparable!
Dao Ji said: “When I was the Taoist Alliance’s Guanzhu, I imagined that if the Chaos Sea disaster broke out, the Avenue of Nirvana would inevitably rise. But I didn’t expect it to be so terrifying that even the end of the avenue would be affected. So, how can I do it? To avoid being affected by the Avenue of Nirvana?”
/Xu Ying took a deep look at him and said with a smile: “If you have cultivated the Origin of Nirvana, you should not be affected by the Great Way of Nirvana.”
Hearing this, Zhenjun Dao Ji couldn’t help but shook his head and said: “Brother Dao, it’s easy to say it at the beginning of Ji Ming, but how easy is it to practice it? The practice of Ji Ming Dao is in crisis at every step. When you reach the realm of the Tao Master, the practice is extremely difficult. When you reach the end of the Tao, it’s even more difficult. I don’t know where the path to Yuanshi Dao lies. How can I achieve Yuanshi?”
Xu Ying smiled and said: “That’s why we have to take the path that leads to the end of the four paths of enlightenment.”
True Monarch Daoji was slightly startled and quickly asked for advice. Xu Ying then taught him all the cultivation methods of Yuanshi Dao Realm, saying: “The so-called Yuanshi Dao Realm is actually Tao, body, spirit, and treasure. All four paths have been cultivated to the end. , the body, spirit, and magic weapon are all integra