g five-color energy flowing down the mountain.

Wherever the five-color energy passes, all things are revived and all kinds of things compete. Countless tender green trees, shrubs, flowers and plants on the five-color mountain take root and sprout, blooming with brilliant flowers!
Xu Ying even saw rare and rare flowers on the mountain blooming and bearing fruit, gathering the spiritual power of heaven and earth to produce red fruits. The surface of the fruits actually had textures formed by natural Tao phenomena!
“Wu Tianzun, look! The fruit contains the Taoist symbols. If you take it, you can gain supernatural powers!”
He raised his hand and pointed at Five Color Mountain, but suddenly remembered that the old man next to him had passed away, and his expression couldn’t help but feel sad.
/The five-color energy formed by the vitality of heaven and earth was still flowing down the mountain. At the foot of the mountain, it encountered a wind wall that blocked the entire Five-Colored Mountain. However, a trace of the vitality of heaven and earth faintly flowed out from the wind wall, causing the dead bones under the wind wall to swell with blood and flesh. Stand up shaking!
Xu Ying was shocked when he saw the dead Wu Tianzun moving his fingers.
The five-color vitality sprayed out from the five-color mountain had a power to bring the dead back to life. It was somewhat similar to the power of the Six Secrets, and it could make Wu Tianzun’s corpse come alive!
“If we can get some of this heaven and earth vitality, can Wu Tianzun be able to resurrect him from the dead?”
His eyes were eager. Even if this heaven and earth vitality could not resurrect Wu Tianzun, there were immortal plants on Five Color Mountain that had already borne fruit in the heaven and earth vitality.
Maybe the fruit that absorbs this wonderful heaven and earth vitality can have the effect of bringing the dead back to life!
Xu Ying looked eagerly at the immortal corpses in the sky. Even those immortal corpses were revived under the influence of the vitality of heaven and earth in the Five Color Mountain. Maybe Wu Tianzun can really be resurrected on the mountain!
However, this wall of wind blocked his way.
Suddenly, a voice came from afar: “The wait is finally over! The Jiuyishan Tomb is finally open again!”
When Xu Ying heard this voice, he was startled. He followed the sound and saw the Nai River rushing in the distance. This long river in the underworld didn’t originally flow through this place, but now it changed its course for some unknown reason and rushed here.
Flags were fluttering on the river, and a large boat sailed through the waves. A large coffin could be seen in the distance on the boat.
/On the deck, there are ghosts and gods everywhere, large and small, of all kinds, as well as the judge and the ghost king, which is eerie and terrifying.
The Emperor Yin Ting sat in the pavilion of the building ship, with a huge body, and smiled from a distance: “Brother Xiaoke, I have to treat you well when you come to my place as a guest. T