an leave with Temple Master Jinyu. Temple Master Jinyu comes from overseas in chaos. She has a weak temperament and has taken the initiative to avoid all kinds of cause and effect over the years. She You can leave the Sea of ??Chaos. Follow her and you will be safe.”

Xu Ying smiled and said, “How can I be in danger?”
Di Chen snorted and said: “As a big shot, no matter where you go, you will be attracted by others. The Dao Alliance will attract you, the Hunyuan Immortal Dynasty will attract you, and the Yimei League will also attract you. The Chaos Lord’s lineage will even directly let you Be the Lord of Chaos! But these are just uses!”
/He coughed violently, spitting out blood in large mouthfuls. The blood rotted away as soon as it spurted out, without any power at all.
Di Chen’s face turned a sickly red and said: “The Taoist League and the Yimeng have roped you in as their thugs. Even the Chaos Lord’s lineage is in urgent need of the next generation of Chaos Lords because of the death of the Chaos Lord. That’s why they let you take the lead.” ! Also, do you think I really want you to become the Hunyuan Immortal Emperor? If you become the Hunyuan Immortal Emperor, you will suffer the trillion-year calamity of the Hunyuan Immortal Dynasty and use your body to trigger the Heavenly Fire of Annihilation!”
/He coughed loudly again, blood spurted out, and the smell of decay erupted when he landed on the ground.
Xu Ying frowned and looked at him silently.
Many ministers of the court hurriedly came forward to help Emperor Chen and asked him to sit down. Many courtiers also tried their best to heal his injuries.
However, Di Chen was hit by the Yuanshi Daoding and his life was cut off. This blow shattered all his avenues and completely erased the mark of the avenue at the end of his path.
The treatment methods used by these courtiers could not save him at all.
Di Chen sat on the throne, panting, shaking his head and saying: “Xu Ying, in order to become the Hunyuan Immortal Emperor, in addition to possessing peerless cultivation, you must also dare to sacrifice your life for the Hunyuan Immortal Dynasty. You can’t do it for Hunyuan Immortal Dynasty.” The person who gave up his life in the Immortal Dynasty, so the next generation of Hunyuan Immortal Emperor will definitely not be you.”
Xu Ying asked: “Are you someone who dares to sacrifice your life for the Hunyuan Immortal Dynasty?”
“I am!”
Di Chen looked at the Huangji Capital, which was getting closer and closer, with a proud expression, and said, “I am someone who can give up my life for the Hunyuan Immortal Dynasty! Before I became the Immortal Emperor, I swore that I could use my life to , in exchange for the continuation of the Hunyuan Immortal Dynasty!”
Xu Ying was slightly startled, that was not what Di Chen said in the past.
The former Emperor Chen once said that everyone in the Hunyuan Immortal Dynasty was mediocre and unworthy of exchanging his own life for the lives of these ordinary people. Therefore, he would never die for all living beings like the p