make things difficult for everyone in my dojo, right?”

The Taoist Emperor smiled slightly and said: “Fellow Taoist Xu, do you still remember what I said, that I have no morals? There is no good or evil in my heart, and my actions without right and wrong are naturally immoral. Fellow Taoist, please do not restrain me with morality.”
Xu Ying was awe-inspiring, and wanted to go beyond him and check the lives of everyone in these Hunyuan universes.
Just as he lifted his steps, he heard a click, and a wisp of world-shattering power emitted from the Dao Treasure Box.
Xu Ying put down his steps, with a fierce look in his eyes, but a smile on his face, and said: “What does the Dao Emperor mean by this?”
The Dao Emperor looked kind and said: “Now it is a foregone conclusion to open up the Sea of ??Chaos. The Sea of ??Chaos is concentrated in the source of the flood. Everyone must repay the cause and effect and return to the Sea of ??Chaos what they have taken from the Sea of ??Chaos. The Main Dojo of Chaos These universes in the universe, as well as the people in the universe, also need to repay. Otherwise, when the sea of ??chaos is opened, the cause and effect will not be exhausted, how can we see the truth of the great road?”
/Xu Ying sneered and said, “Brother Dao said he would pay back, why doesn’t the Universal Cemetery pay back?”
“Fellow Taoists in the cemetery have already repaid their debts.” The Taoist Emperor’s face became more kind.
Xu Ying had a sudden thought and looked towards the cosmic cemetery, only to see that the cemetery was pitch black, with only the endless energy of calamity and the aura of annihilation, as well as the resentment and evil thoughts of all kinds of people who died in vain!
There are no more living people in the cemetery!
Xu Ying’s scalp was numb, and all the Yuanshi Dao realm accumulated in the universe cemetery since ancient times were dead!
In fact, not everyone in the Yuanshi Dao realm in the cemetery agrees with the opening of the Sea of ??Chaos, but is divided into two groups. One group agrees with the opening of the Sea of ??Chaos, and the other opposes the opening of the Sea of ??Chaos. There are often disputes between the two factions, but after the Tao Emperor agreed to open up the Sea of ??Chaos, the other faction had to obey.
Now, both Yuanshi and the two factions have died unexpectedly!
The Tao Emperor wants them to repay the cause and effect of the Chaos Sea. Regardless of the faction, it is a dead end.
“Ha ha ha ha!”
/The happy laughter of the Holy Ancestor came from the distance, and he said loudly, “The Dao Emperor is worthy of being a Dao Emperor. You finally harvested them! Well done, well done! Those fools thought they could survive to the end and be in the world. After the Sea of ??Chaos was opened, it was fully sublimated, washing away the misfortune, and still standing high in the new world! As everyone knows, they are crops planted by you and me, and livestock for consumption! It was me, and I would have harvested them before opening the Sea of ??Chaos