Jin BuYe chatted very passionately. The two guys often went to kill an ancient beast that had awakened its bloodline. Jin BuYe breathed fire and roasted it until it was cooked, and then ate it with An Qi.

Ho Kyung.
Zhuchanchan was supervising people’s reconstruction of Haojing when she suddenly felt something in her heart and couldn’t help but rejoiced: “My snakeskin bag is here!”
/Wearing shackles and locked with magical powers, she hurriedly ran out of the city. Before she could get far, someone whipped her and shouted: “Zhu Tiangong, you are carrying an important case, and you still want to escape? ”
Zhu Chanchan stopped in a hurry and said: “It’s not about escaping! You used the Heavenly Lock to lock up my cultivation. I can’t even use my magical powers. Now I’m a mortal, where can I escape to?”
The person who whipped her was the servant Gong Yangce. Hearing this, he sneered and said, “You designed the Tianli Lock yourself. I don’t believe you didn’t leave a backdoor!”
At this time, Jiang Qi came over and said to Gongyang Ce: “Zhu Tiangong’s old friend is here to visit. This old friend is extremely important and cannot be ignored. Zhu Tiangong, you are exempt from sin today.”
Zhuchanchan was overjoyed. She broke free from the Heavenly Law Lock, recovered her cultivation, and ran out of the city. She smiled and said, “Aying, is my baby still there?”
/Gongyang Ce pointed to the Tianli Lock on the ground and stammered: “Tai, Taishi, am I right? This woman even dares to covet the materials of the Shenzhou on the other side!”
Jiang Qi also had a big headache and said: “What can you do to her? If you chop off her head, who will restore Hao Jing? Besides, although she was a little greedy, the other shore Shenzhou still flew to the other shore without any major mistakes. . Let’s find another heavenly craftsman to build the ship.”
He shook his head: “Even if all the materials are used, I’m afraid I won’t be able to fly to the other side at all.”
Outside Haojing, Xu Ying saw Zhu Chanchan emerging as a eldest girl from a distance. She was so excited that she ran towards him. The young man was so excited that he couldn’t help laughing. He jumped down from Xian Qi’s head and opened his arms to wait.
Zhu Chanchan rushed past him furiously and punched the big snake, who was full of joy, straight up.
The big snake originally had its head raised, but after receiving the punch, it couldn’t help but straighten its body and touch its chin to the ground.
Zhu Chanchan raised her hand and opened the mouth of the big snake and walked in. There was a burst of cheers inside: “They are still there! My babies are still there!”
The voice came out from An Qi’s nostrils, and said, “No one can take away my treasures. There are more treasures!”
Xu Ying waited for a moment, and Zhu Chanchan pushed open the Shekou and walked out of it with a glorious face.
The woman looked at An Qi and punched him twice. An Qi suddenly felt refreshed and energized. He exclaimed in surprise: “Ancestor Chanchan’s boxing skills are getting m