ian An’s granddaughter Qian Qian didn’t know what was going on yet, but when she saw him being so rude and barging into her grandfather’s bedroom, she screamed in surprise.

On the bed, Qian An sat up with a cry. When his eyes opened and closed, a faint black light appeared. He looked surprised and said: “Wang Xuan, what’s wrong with you?”
/The people of the Qian family were alarmed, and many people came quickly. They didn’t know why, and they all knew that Wang Xuan had a good relationship with the old man in the family. What happened now?
Wang Xuan stared at the old man on the bed. After he made such a big noise, the creature remained calm and still wanted to muddle through.
However, it did not dare to eat Qian An’s spiritual body anymore. It quietly lurked in the flesh and blood, examining Wang Xuan!
“Get out! In this era, as creatures who have escaped from the big screen, you do not choose to integrate into human society in a friendly manner. Do you still dare to feed on ordinary people and seek death?!”
Wang Xuan’s voice sounded like thunder in the courtyard, taking the lead and frightening the monster.
At the same time, he was explaining it to the Qian family to prevent them from not understanding the situation and causing trouble here.
Everyone in the Qian family was shocked, and then they felt cold. There was a demon in the room, taking Qian An as flesh and blood? This is simply unimaginable!
“Brother Wang, save my grandpa!” Qian Qian’s face turned pale. This thing was so terrible.
“Brother Wang, what is going on? You have to protect our old man!” Others in the Qian family also shouted.
“Nonsense!” Qian An said, his eyes slightly darkened. He glanced at the Qian family and said, “This man is interested in our Qian family’s property.”
Then, he smiled again and said: “Wang Xuan, if you have any requirements, we can sit down and talk. Everything is easy to discuss. Don’t hurt my family.”
Wang Xuan wanted to kill him with a sword, but the monster in Lao Qian’s body was emboldened. It was intimidating and threatening him. It took the remaining part of Qian An’s spiritual body as a hostage.
Wang Xuan could see it clearly. It was now pitch black. It was the soul of a beast. It looked like a jackal, but it had a single horn and three pairs of jet-black wings.
The form of the soul is roughly similar to the real body. This is a demon!
At this time, this monster should have realized that Wang Xuan could see through its true nature. He licked his lips inside Qian An’s body, smiled coldly and with malice, and pressed down less than 40% of Qian An’s penis with one claw. The spiritual body grinned outwardly.
The Qian family is in chaos, and many people are at a loss. Who should they listen to?
Wang Xuan looked forward and said: “Come out now and tell me your roots, and you will have a good ending. Otherwise, you will regret it.”
“Wang Xuan, there is still justice in this world. You can’t rely on yourself to be an extraordinary person and do whatever you want. Immortals are coming across the border, and peop