a move on her.

A thunderbolt fell from the sky, white and brilliant, like a falling star. It resounded in Wang Xuan’s sea of ??consciousness, causing his ears to buzz and he woke up immediately.
/What’s going on? Is it thundering and raining outside? He opened the curtains. The moonlight outside was like water and there were stars. How could there be a thunderstorm?
/He thought about what he saw in his dream and realized that the female alchemist struck him with lightning in his subconscious mind, waking him up.
Wang Xuan lowered his head and glanced at his right hand. He seemed to touch a face that was white, delicate, and elastic, but there was no trace of blood left.
He is confident in his heart, you are so magnificent that you were once the most powerful among the pre-Qin alchemists, but you have become immortal after all. At least at this stage, you cannot interfere in the real world. He can only act through dreams and cast the old memories in his subconscious. Extraordinary means, etc.
Wang Xuan entered meditation again, not only imagining the female alchemist with blood on her face as a heavenly fairy, but also imagining the dazzling thunder as ethereal fairy music. In addition, he added some scenery and paired it with some poems, songs and dances.
Then he fell asleep again, hoping this time to last until dawn.
The female alchemist arrived faster than he expected. He almost fell asleep when she appeared. Her white clothes were fluttering and her feet did not touch the ground. She was just hanging in front of him. This time she did not dare to get too close. The palms of his hands began to glow.
However, as the thunder gradually approached and made a rumbling sound, the scenery around her and Wang Xuan also changed.
In an instant, singing and dancing flourished, fallen flowers bloomed, and the sky was filled with fragrance. In the looming thunder light, crystal petals continued to fall from the void.
Nearby, there were women dancing, musicians playing the harp and guzheng, and hermits reading the Golden Sutra. Some people sang: “The fine clouds make tricks, the flying stars spread hatred, and the silver man is far away in darkness. When the golden wind and jade dew meet, they will conquer the world.” countless”
The female alchemist was in a daze, her snow-white dress fluttering in the wind. Although her palms were glowing, she did not strike out. She was in a trance while watching the singing and dancing of the later generations. She became confused with the singing and dancing, and her mind was in a trance.
It was not until later that her eyes became clear again, and she obviously knew that this was Wang Xuan’s home court, and all the scenery had been preset by him.
She floated to Wang Xuan, lowered her head and looked at him, her palms glowed, and thunder loomed.
“Are you here again?” Wang Xuan, who was sleeping, still regarded her as a fairy. Although his subconscious was moving, this was his home court. What he was thinking and feeling was revealed in an instant. He took one of the fem