ated in the body. The outside was burned, and things were reborn from the inside out. However, the outside was “alive” again.

“Is this the incredible thing about a health-preserving furnace? Nourish your body, nourish your mind, nourish your health!”
The core of the Yuan Shen is a splendid little person that cannot be sensed or noticed by the outside world. The power of the Yuan Shen is unparalleled. However, in the end, he did not transform and lay dormant there.
“What is this situation? Why is it not done in one go and out? Is it because of external recovery or interference by the health furnace?”
He was suspicious, but felt that this was not a bad thing. This was equivalent to the power of dual souls. Of course, the inner one was more essence and more powerful, waiting for Nirvana to come out!
The same is true for his physical body, with rich vitality dormant deep in his flesh and blood, waiting for nirvana.
He practiced four of the six strange scriptures here. He felt that he couldn’t hold on anymore. His mind and thoughts were always in this extremely active state. He had stolen time for too long and it was time for him to go out.
/“Well, these words have come to life and are resonating with me. I can understand them!” He was surprised, then extremely happy.
Because this is a scripture left behind by a bygone super civilization, and this kind of writing has long been lost.
But today, the health-preserving furnace is intertwined with rules, and ripples of the great road emerge. These words have life and can interact with the spirit.
“This is an article about nourishing medicine, nourishing utensils, nourishing the mind, and nourishing the body. The most important thing is the word nourishing!” He roughly knew the direction of this scripture.
/However, its meaning is very profound and requires years of study and study. This is the ultimate chapter that can enhance a person’s potential!
“Wonderful, no wonder the health-preserving stove can improve the quality of various medicines. It turns out that this is the basic theory!” Wang Xuan’s eyes glowed.
His current talent has impressed both Lao Zhang and the Netherblood Sect Ancestor. In the words of Chen Yongjie and others, it is a special case in the most glorious era of mythology!
If you practice this scripture again and use it with the health stove, you may be able to improve!
“This is the essence of the treasure, I like it very much!” Wang Xuan was pleasantly surprised, and now he has further analyzed the use of the health stove.
Wang Xuan returned, his spirit and body became one, he opened his eyes, and the moment he stood up, Zhao Qinghan and Wu Yin immediately turned around and left.
“It’s so annoying!” The little fox fairy glanced at him, twisted her waist, and walked away with cat steps.
“Go wash up and sleep.” Qingmu said, reminding Wang Xuan that you are naked now, your whole body is black, and all your clothes are burned!
Wang Xuan looked at himself and then looked around. The ground was covered with skin, all of which he had shed. He had