ver seen such a beautiful sister. She looks like a fairy. She is so beautiful that she is unreal.”

Next to the cinema, there was a little girl selling flowers. She blinked at Fang Yuzhu with her big eyes, unable to take her eyes away. The flowers in her hands were fresh and tender.
“Oh, buying flowers is too vulgar, not worthy of this sister.” Wang Xuan smiled, squatted down, and said: “I will buy the little girl selling flowers, let her hold the flowers, and give them to the beautiful ones together. elder sister.”
“Ah, I don’t sell myself. If you dare to kidnap me, I’ll call my mother. She is over there. I just come here to sell flowers to experience the difficulty of life. I don’t sell myself!” The little girl took it seriously! , with big eyes and alert eyes, stepped back.
/Seeing Wang Xuan laughing, she almost cried.
Fang Yuzhu smiled, becoming more and more integrated into the night scene and the world of mortals. She rolled her eyes at him. Why did she scare the little girl? She comforted her and told her it was okay, this brother was joking.
Wang Xuan touched the flower seller’s head and said, “Then just buy them all. Well, I won’t buy you. I’ll buy all the flowers and give them to this sister.”
After seeing him pay through facial recognition, the little girl stuffed the flowers into his arms, turned around and ran away.
Wang Xuan turned his face sideways and said, “Have you seen that children in this era are all precocious and clever, and it is not easy to abduct them.”
/The little girl was angry and pointed at him not far away. Does that mean you really want to kidnap me?
Wang Xuan took Fang Yuzhu, who was young and beautiful in modern clothes, into the cinema. While looking at the introductions of various films, he decisively chose a drama that was very suitable for the occasion.
Fang Yuzhu didn’t say anything, just glanced at him.
Wang Xuan was so generous that he didn’t see it. He bought popcorn and all kinds of food, and took the female alchemist into the theater.
“What a wonderful operation, what does this mean? Take Fairy Fang to see what it is called, oh, watch a movie?” The Dark Blood Sect Ancestor looked at the back with a very speechless expression, feeling incredible.
Then, he said: “Xiao Zhang, do you also feel something in your heart, so you keep following me?”
“If you dare to call me Xiao Zhang again, be careful, I will kill the demons immediately!” Zhang Daoling warned him, can the Pai Mian, the ancestor of his sect, be called that casually?
“Okay, Zhang Jiaozu.” Netherblood Jiaozu changed his words, and then, at Lao Zhang’s signal, he quickly went to buy tickets, but did not follow Wang Xuan and his group to the theater.
The two of them just wanted to experience that in this era, they have to keep up with the formality and actively accept all kinds of things.
However, when Zhang Daoling took the ticket from the Netherblood Sect Ancestor, he only glanced at it before throwing it back and said, “What crappy seats did you buy? Are you and I suitable for this?”
The Dark Blood Cul