, he is deeply involved in it, and he looks extremely longing for it. Wang Xuan frowned deeply and couldn’t help but give it a slap to make it quieter.

Wang Xuan thought about it carefully and still believed that his guess was reliable. Although it had something to do with the two shadows, the problem was not big.
In the great barrier, Fang Yuzhu appeared in the sky, standing on the huge immortal umbrella, suppressing it with the Heavenly Curtain Bracelet, and surrendered this treasure.
Demon Lord Yanyan finally took action and began to refine this world-famous immortal treasure!
In the distant universe, there is a shadow like a banished immortal. He is the “evil dragon”, floating up and standing on the ancient spaceship, preparing to contact people in the fairy world through the curtain to seize the treasure.
In fact, Wang Xuan also thought of him at this time, because he had sensed the hidden malice earlier, and the issue he considered most was the strength of the evil dragon.
The pair of shadows had even killed two old monsters that had lived through two mythical eras. However, they faced the evil dragon and chased it more than once, but they failed to strangle it. This shows how tyrannical and terrifying this person is!
There was a lot of excitement in the spaceship. Wang Xuan felt that the trajectory of his life had not changed. He let go of his worries and ate roc meat with a few people, clinked glasses and drank, and watched the battle between gods. He was very happy.
“Senior Xu Fu killed the clone of a powerful man!” The little fox fairy exclaimed when he saw the fierce movements of the great alchemist on the big screen.
Xu Fu held the space-time mace and killed the clone of a top god who was wandering here. The blood splashed into outer space, which was naturally very shocking.
The semi-mature treasure makes people jealous. Even if it is dangerous to approach it, it still makes many people want to take risks.
Because there are several treasures such as the Mutian Bracelet, the Immortal Umbrella, and the Divine Palace. There is no need to think about it. If there is a super peer participating in the battle, it is destined to miss the gods.
Now, the time and space mace is second only to a few treasures, which naturally makes some powerful people jealous and want to take it away.
After the great alchemist Xu Fu killed a person in the void of the universe, he did not scare away the coveted person. Another clone of the top immortal crossed over.
In the dark universe, altars appeared one after another, bronze monuments stood in the void one after another, and banners unfurled one after another.
Someone is setting up a formation, unable to stop Xu Fu from the front. They want to lock the great alchemist with the most powerful magic formation, trap him and slowly refine it, and then plot to obtain a semi-mature treasure.
/The great alchemist was not at all afraid of this kind of encirclement and hunting. A semi-mature treasure is self-will. He blasted it out directly. With a bang, some altars and bron