ame extremely sharp and he said: “Let her go and don’t control the minds of the people around me!”

The Book of Years said: “Since I have imprisoned part of her soul’s light last time, it is not appropriate to let her go now. You must first prove yourself whether it is worthy of my continuing to pay attention to you. First, defeat the sword demon who has never lost in his life!”
The tall man walked over, giving people an endless sense of oppression. The bright light poured out in an instant, as if it was driving a universe of stars.
Suddenly, there was a violent earthquake in the outside world, all the extraordinary people were trembling, many spaceships in the void of the universe were shaking, and a shocking change occurred in this area.
In the distance, a brilliant great barrier appeared, and a peerless battle broke out in it. The most powerful gods fell on the spot, bloody and crushed.
At the beginning of the Peerless Chapter, the powerful men from the four realms who wanted to compete for the semi-mature treasures all attacked, coming from the fairy world and the great barrier of gods.
/Now, the main bodies of Fang Yuzhu, Zhang Daoling, Blood Emperor, God of War and others in the great barrier have all been dispatched. The most powerful gods from all sides, even transcendent beings, have appeared one after another. This kind of battle is extremely terrifying.
The transcendent resonance of the real world resonates deeply and unsettlingly. The Immortal Umbrella and the Palace of Gods were dormant somewhere, but they were roaring, triggering extremely terrifying visions and shaking the Immortal Land.
“Some people are very ambitious. They not only want to seize the semi-ripe treasures, but they are probably also planning to capture the mature treasures. They want to capture the Palace of Gods, the Immortal Umbrella, and the Pool of Life. This event is not pure enough, and there will probably be a bloody storm! ”
The Book of Years spoke heavily, and then continued: “There is really no good creature among the creatures who have reached the level of the most powerful gods. This conference is complicated, there are conspiracies, there are deaths, and the Immortal Land may be dyed red with blood. !”
Wang Xuan avoided the sword demon with a strange look in his eyes. Instead of looking at his opponent, he was looking at the Book of Time.
“If you don’t prove yourself, what will I do?” The Book of Time felt this, and was a little confused. Why did he suddenly feel that something was wrong with that look.
Like lightning, Wang Xuan held the God-Slaying Flag and blasted towards the Book of Time!
“It’s a joke. I can’t walk yet, but I want to run. Do you think I’m prey? Let’s deal with the sword demon first!” The Book of Years was unhappy and shouted at him.
As soon as the God-Slaying Flag came out, fine golden textures were intertwined. The Book of Years was fearless and calmly responded, first dodging and then touching those golden grids.
“That’s it. The flag was seriously damaged, and what was killed was t