tearing the sword body apart and destroying everything!

Sword to cleave a battleship? Not far away, some people in the city felt thirsty when they saw this scene. This was a true reflection of the myth!
“The hull is seriously damaged, abandon the right forward compartment!” Some people in the ship were frightened. There was actually such a person who wanted to kill the battleship with cold weapons.
They disarmed that part of the module, and the part of the hull that was cut open and exploded fell toward the ground with flames.
“It’s actually a combination of rare treasures. The flying boat is a rare divine object, and even the flying sword it comes with is also a rare treasure. It’s amazing. What a good thing!”
In the battleship, the bloody divine figure sat there calmly. Even if the battleship was destroyed, he was not afraid because he could fly to the sky and escape. At this time, he also sacrificed the rare treasure.
/A big red net, with spots of starlight, unusually gorgeous, and thousands of crimson clouds, shrouded the flying sword, trying to take it away.
Wang Xuan drove the flying boat, constantly changing its direction, like lightning moving in the sky. After he was targeted by the warship, he moved in disorder, and the shadow of the boat was everywhere.
He held the small yellow gourd and pointed it at the big net, trying to collect it.
The big net glowed like blood-colored lightning intertwined, and various objects were hung on the net wires, such as animal horns, bird beaks, etc., and even human skulls, all of which were refined red.
Whining sounds came from the big net, and various creatures wailed. The sound was deafening. The entire sky was full of terrifying blood shadows of various creatures, rushing down to hug the flying sword.
A yellow light appeared at the mouth of the gourd, pulling a large blood-colored net, and the two rare treasures shook violently and made a roaring sound.
“The Ten Thousand Beasts Net is blocking me. It seems that the world is full of strange things. Even a mortal has this kind of divine treasure in his hands. It’s just not in the hands of immortals and demons. It’s like a pearl cast secretly.”
The man in the battleship spoke, activating the big net, trying to take away the flying sword, and also fighting against Huang Chengcheng’s gourd.
The flying sword flew across the sky, like a stream of light, illuminating the sky with words, like the pages of a Taoist scripture turning over the pages, flowing with awe-inspiring power.
The super matter there was boiling, and with peerless sharpness, some of the ornaments of the red net were chopped off, and human skulls, animal horns, bird beaks, etc. were wailing, and the sound was shrill.
In the battleship, in addition to the bloody figures, there were several pure spiritual bodies. At this time, one person flew out silently, trying to sneak attack Wang Xuan.
However, under Wang Xuan’s eyes, this spiritual body is like a fire in the dark night, very dazzling. Even if he uses secret methods to cover it up and