disappearing figures, a little lost in thought. His heart was a little turbulent, and he didn’t look back for a long time.

“Is it a pity? The true love is the most profound, leaving a shadow in the world of mortals. I hope that where you stop, your heart will never die. Just don’t regret it.”
He turned around and closed the wound to stop the blood from flowing out. This time he was seriously injured. His bones were cut off and his organs were punctured many times.
But he has no hatred at all. This is a rare opponent that makes him admire but also makes him feel uneasy. Thinking about it in another person’s shoes, can he give up the only opportunity in the world like that man, and resolutely choose to stay in the world and be willing to accompany him? A person decaying in the years?
There was naturally an uproar in the outside world, and there was no calm in each spacecraft, transmitting audio and video to their respective planets. ”
/“The battle between the powerful men with extraordinary talents has come to an end!”
“I encountered him in a hell-level level, and he actually won!”
“Is this the person who killed the mechanical black roc? I actually didn’t recognize him. He had reservations about fighting with the disciples of Gouchen Emperor Palace. This time he was forced to show his strength in the battle with the superb swordsman.”
“Do you know where he comes from? Green Lan Planet is adjacent to the extraordinary planet where I am. We can also be considered neighbors!”
It’s hotly debated outside and has a huge impact.
Wang Xuan was reflecting and summarizing this battle, hoping to absorb enough valuable spiritual light from it. He was deeply touched.
“If we play again, it will still be a half-match. It’s hard to say who will win and who will lose. I still need to improve.”
Not far away, Zhao Qinghan wiped away her tears. In reality, she never cried. She was an independent and strong-willed woman. Now she was in a trance.
Although the woman left and got rid of that emotion, she still had some impressions and remembered many fragments and was affected by it.
“Please wash away those emotions and don’t disturb the people around me!” Wang Xuan said, and the world of landscape painting disappeared, leaving only the blurry book in front of him.
After saying this, he was bleeding again, and the injury was a bit serious, because the man’s sword light had more terrifying power than the magic. It was like the afterglow of the remaining rules, which was really terrifying.
A large amount of blood spattered, and he staggered, standing a little unsteadily.
The outside world was quiet for a while, and everyone realized that Wang Xuan was seriously injured and the situation was not good.
/“Wang Xuan!” Zhao Qinghan came quickly and wanted to help him.
In the distance, Wu Yin, Qingmu, Little Fox Fairy, and Ma Chaofan also ran over quickly.
“The matter is not over yet, your choice is still being corrected.” A voice came from the hazy book and began to turn the pages.
Wang Xuan looked up to the sky. With his