s so Recovery is naturally the real me.”

“Kill!” The man in the shadow couple couldn’t bear it anymore, so he attacked Qi Tian. The immortal umbrella opened and rotated, and the true power of rules spilled out from the umbrella surface!
Thunder exploded from the sky, and when the sword madman raised his human sword, he tore open the void with sword light. The sword light, accompanied by the endless light of heavenly calamity, poured down from the sky and hit the immortal umbrella.
He fought against the shadow couple!
“Do you really think we are afraid of you?!” The Demon Lord’s parents are very strong, and they are still unafraid in the face of the only super strong man who is still alive in the ancient emperors era.
Especially the father of the demon lord, he is a great alchemist who controls thunder. Now he is waving his umbrella and using the rules of endless thunder to fight against the opponent’s sword thunder.
Twelve rays of unparalleled light from the demon lord surged around the mother of the demon lord. This involved her natal magical power. If she were in the immortal world, she would be able to sweep down the stars if she had the power to create the world.
/At this time, although she lost the power to cut down the falling stars, she still had extraordinary power through the blessing of the Immortal Umbrella. Twelve beams of light cut through the void, turned into swords of rules, and slashed at the sword madman.
Shang Yi was cold and powerful, and his offensive was very aggressive. Facing the fierce attacks of the two masters, he moved forward with his sword, not retreating but advancing. The terrifying sword light and overwhelming blood made many people tremble with fear.
He used the human sword to sever the sky thunder and cut down the power of demons and immortals. He was extremely domineering, and his every move carried the power of rules and order. The blood energy he exuded ripped apart the surrounding mountains.
He was able to defeat the two of them, holding up the Immortal Umbrella, opening and closing it, looking like he was invincible.
“Fang Yuzhu!” The shadow couple looked back at Fang Yuzhu, who was holding the Mutian Bracelet.
At this time, a spacecraft in outer space entered the Nova’s atmosphere, swooped down, and quickly approached the mountain range.
The vast universe was dark, deep, and piercingly cold with murderous intent. A purple sword light rushed up, cutting through the darkness and cutting through the void.
There was bright red blood between Sword Fairy’s mouth and nose, but she still used the Zixiao Hedao Sword, which was like plowing through the starry sky, leaving a terrifying space trace.
The purple broken sword was extremely dazzling, briefly illuminating the dark universe, swirling purple clouds, and violently colliding with the feathered flags many times. The sword light was everywhere.
/The broken treasure may have turned into a mature treasure in the past. Just because the soul was entrusted in it, some people tried to use it to advance to the realm o