e traces of pinching by big hands on the stern, as if a giant had grabbed the ship and thrust it down hard.

As for the people on the boat, they disappeared.
Ming Man looked around and murmured: “Did someone invade Longting?”
At this time, the sound of an explosion of supernatural power came from the front, and the two people hurriedly accelerated and rushed forward. They saw as many as thousands of young dragon immortals being attacked by unknown people along the way. Some of them were lying on their backs, and some were hanging on The branches are all miserable.
When they arrived at the place where the sound erupted, they saw a Dragon Clan elder being punched away by a majestic Dragon Clan man, and crashing into the gate of Jinque City with a bang.
The city gate and tower exploded with a bang!
The dragon clan elder’s mouth was bleeding, and he rose up from the ruins. He stared at the bearded man, but did not dare to attack. He shouted angrily: “Man Kongming, you have committed a big mistake! You have injured so many dragon clan masters. If you dare to hurt the elder again, Longting will definitely sentence you to death!”
The big man laughed and said: “If I defeat Xu Ying, the Dragon Emperor will give me the four great caves and make me a barbarian prince. Who dares to sentence me to death?”
Xu Ying looked at the big man curiously and was surprised: “Seventh level of Dao realm? Is there an opponent who can compare with me in the world of immortals?”
He was extremely shocked. He thought he would not encounter an opponent of the same level in this trip, but he did not expect that he would meet a similar person now.
“He practices the Supreme Way!”
Xu Ying was even more surprised. Taoist Wukong understood the incomplete Taishang Dao and realized that he had a flawless golden body and traveled across the three realms. Unexpectedly, there are people in the Immortal Realm who practice the Supreme Way!
“The Dragon Clan still has geniuses.”
Xu Ying smiled at Ming Man and said, “Only a little worse than our master and apprentice.”
Ming Man praised in his heart: “Master Barbarian is so unbeatable for his words, and I am far inferior to my attainment of a flawless golden body.”
Man Kongming glanced at him and said in a thunderous : “Xu Ying? Are you Barbarian Xu Ying? Are you cultivating the Supreme Way?”
Xu Ying smiled slightly and said: “I practice not only Taishang Dao, but also martial arts, Tai Chi, and Wuji.”
/Before he could finish speaking, Man Kongming walked up to him and said with a grin: “No need to say more. I have helped you defeat all these idiots from the dragon clan who tried to challenge you. This idiot elder tried to stop me, but he was also defeated by me.” Beat him up.”
Xu Ying said: “Thank you very much.”
Man Kongming’s eyes flashed with excitement, and he suddenly rushed over, punched out, and shouted: “You’re welcome! They are just a group of minions, I am your real opponent!”
With this punch, the air between heaven and earth seemed to be drained out at once, and the space was