en. Withered, her body was also penetrated and fell far away.

On the other side, Yanque, Qi Miao, and Hong Teng worked together to knock down the young man who wanted to have a drink with Cai Wei. They each manifested runes and emitted dazzling lightning, which burned the man black.
Next to them, An Hong and Cheng Tian sacrificed their swords and spears, but they encountered resistance. The people on the opposite side reacted and moved forward to attack them together.
These people have profound spiritual practices and high realms. They are all close to the late stage of true immortals. Those who can be invited by Yuan Hong to accompany them and steal Kunpeng’s nest together are extraordinary.
/Someone’s internal organs roared, emitting a five-color light wheel, and fixed Chengtian’s broad sword with the power of rules. Another person’s body was metalized, densely covered with immortal runes, and his hands melted into bright red divine gold liquid, wrapping An Hong’s spear.
Upon seeing this, the others immediately rushed forward, hoping to quickly deal with the two of them.
Others turned into streams of light and shot out thousands of divine feathers, which were comparable to fairy swords. They clanged and blocked Wang Xuan from all directions, trying to turn him into a hedgehog.
Now that he had started, Wang Xuan did not stop. A layer of halo appeared outside his body. It was the sword light bursting out of his pores, turning into a sword wheel and covering himself.
He stood in the dazzling halo of light, as if he were wearing fairy armor, shrouded in a divine ring, emerging from the dust and shining brightly, as if a god had descended here.
In the piercing sound, thousands of divine feathers flew towards him, and they were all immobilized by him, unable to get close to Wang Xuan’s body surface. Then they broke apart inch by inch, then exploded and burned to ashes.
The divine feather comes from a near-celestial-level creature on the opposite side. In the past, every time it exploded, it could pierce through the true immortal-level opponent. However, now it has been completely destroyed, and this monster feels like its hair has been plucked.
Wang Xuan had nothing to hide from, so he rushed over quickly and forcefully. The demon cultivator who lost his feathers was shocked and angry, and opened his mouth with a flash of Samadhi True Fire.
As a result, this didn’t work at all. Wang Xuan, standing in the gorgeous divine ring, took out a palm and pressed all the real fire back into his mouth. The flames with runes suddenly erupted from the man’s nose, eyes, and ears. Emerge.
The whole body of this demon cultivator was shaken, and he manifested the appearance of a heavenly demon. A raptor with endless divine light slayed Wang Xuan. At the same time, his own arms were also moving, like two heavenly knives sweeping towards him.
It’s a pity that such a fierce offensive had no effect in front of Wang Xuan. The dazzling eye ring sword wheel outside his body shook slightly, causing the demon blood to splash and the