I’ll take you to buy them!” Wang Xuan said.

Not long after, two sword fairies, one large and one small, each held a bunch of candied haws in their hands. Jiang Qingyao was slightly absent-minded, and the little thing was already nibbling sweetly.
/The once wide moats and tall city walls collapsed in the mottled years, and all traces were gone. They were replaced by skyscrapers and modern buildings.
Anseong is very large, and some areas retain some features of the old era, such as some ancient trees, ginkgo and maple trees on both sides of some pedestrian streets, which are very thick and lush.
But after all, it is not the tree it was thousands of years ago.
The sword fairy Jiang Qingyao is dressed in white and carries a fairy sword on her back. Although it attracts attention, it is not puzzling. Recently, there are more people wearing ancient costumes.
Some people know that he is a transcendent person, someone who came back from behind the scenes. People who don’t know about it think that this retro style is really eye-catching. For example, the woman in white is very beautiful, like a legendary sword fairy walking out of a scroll. The rate of turning heads is almost 100%.
/Jian Xianzi was very quiet. She only took a small bite of the candied haws on a stick and stopped eating it. As time went by and things changed, this string of candied haws on a stick could no longer taste like it did in the past.
The smaller version of Jiang Qingyao enjoyed the meal very happily and felt that the current one was sweeter. However, when she thought of her master’s voice and smile, her nose felt sour, so she tried not to recall it.
It was still early before lunch, so Wang Xuan decided to take them shopping and buy some clothes to adapt to the modern pace of life.
“Mobile phone!” The little thing proactively reminded him that he must first buy a communication tool. Now that the extraordinary world has come to an end, it is no longer easy to use the Thousand Miles Sound Transmission.
“No problem, but don’t play games or indulge in short videos,” Wang Xuan said with a smile.
“What kind of game is it? Is it as exciting as traveling across the world and fighting demons? Is it as interesting as going deep into the divine sea to hunt demon saints?” the little thing asked in return.
“Okay, it’s not as exciting as your games.” Wang Xuan responded.
Soon, the two fairies, one large and one small, each had a copy of the latest Lotus mobile phone. Wang Xuan explained to them that this was a patient job that required some meticulousness. After all, they had never used it before.
However, he thought too much, and the little thing became impatient and asked him to pass on a mental imprint without asking him to say more, thinking it was too inefficient.
Then, Wang Xuan became dumbfounded, because he had already seen the miniature version of Sword Fairy begin to use it skillfully, typing, speaking, watching videos, and editing beautiful pictures, quite skillfully.
He was speechless. Sword Immortal’s learning skills were so high that he