dinary origin crystals to revive the Royal Dao Spear.

When he returned to the secret realm of matter from the spiritual world, he lay on the ground for five days before slowly recovering some of his energy. He was so exhausted that his face turned as pale as snow.
/He stood up, shook his body and rushed towards the exit. All the cells in his body felt a severe sense of hunger.
“Wang Xuan, you’re back.” The mechanical bear has been standing here for more than two years, looking at the dim world and the withered vegetation. Its feet are buried in yellow leaves, and there are dead leaves and dust on its head.
“Silly bear.” Wang Xuan took off the yellow leaves from its head and said, “Let’s go back!”
He consumed the last True Creation Crystal in one breath, activated the Royal Dao Spear, and barely penetrated the secret realm. The silver spaceship seized the opportunity and rushed out quickly.
“Go back to the old land?” Little Bear asked.
“No, go to the place where the extraordinary sea of ??light disappears. I hope the cracks in the plane are still there.” Wang Xuan said, both himself and the Royal Dao Spear need to be nourished by the True Crystal of Creation.
A stream of light cut through outer space, disappeared into the depths of the vast sky, quickly passed through the wormhole, and disappeared completely.
Wang Xuan’s spaceship disappeared in the outer space of the old land. Five days had passed since Lao Zhong’s spaceship was destroyed, but various storms were still there.
Although some detectors were destroyed, they still captured afterimages at the last moment and sent several blurry pictures to the distance.
Wang Xuan didn’t care about these things. He knew very well that he had killed an earthly immortal in this world. Whether he was an extraordinary person or a tycoon, they would definitely pay attention to him silently.
It can be said that his successes and failures, every move, can be regarded as some kind of indicator, and will become an important reference for people to consider what Chaofan is like.
“Wang Xuan has appeared!” Someone in the old land whispered, informing the relevant senior officials.
“What, his spaceship suddenly appeared from that outer space, and then sailed into the depths of the universe?” Someone was lost. Where has he been in the past two years?
“Wang Dixian, he is really capable. He can endure loneliness, give up prosperity, and stay away from the colorful world of mortals. He is like an ascetic, traveling alone in the boundless and cold universe, looking for his transcendence.”
“The Zhao family sent people to search there two years ago. The information was indeed reliable and there was no error. In the end, he really appeared from that area.”
The Zhao family was the first to get the news about Xinxing, because they not only deployed detectors, but also had a spacecraft lingering slightly far away all year round.
/After Zhao Zejun heard the news, he put down his tea cup, stood up and asked, “Wang Xuan finally came out. Have you contacted him?”
Deep in the universe,