knife, and fully baptize the blade with fire to prepare for battle!”

“Who needs to wake me up?” No. 72 asked, with a twenty-meter-tall black and blue metal body, holding a long red knife that grew to more than ten meters long. His eyes were like thunder, like a Chaos Immortal who could split the heaven and earth. magic!
“A native with supernatural powers, remember, you must do your best to hunt and capture him. He is connected to a stable spatial pool of supernatural powers. In a sense, he may be more precious than top-level prohibited items. .” Zhuokong reminded.
This statement immediately caused the light of fire all over No. 72’s body to shine, permeating the outside of his body, and his whole body seemed to be on fire.
“From ancient times to the present, the most glorious period of this universe was only slightly close to the center of the extraordinary world. After many deviations, this place has long been considered a remote place, too far away from the big stage of the extraordinary central world. Even if a native He has special powers, but he only holds a treasure from the countryside. How can he collide with a top-notch prohibited item like the Great Red Heavenly Sword?” No. 72 said calmly.
He may be biased, but he also told a fact. The treasures far away from the extraordinary central world have not experienced the baptism of the strongest war, have not been tested by blood and fire, and have not been ranked.
Zhuokong lowered his face and said, “Don’t be careless. The Royal Dao Spear has collided with ancient and modern times and has not been broken.”
“Oh, give me the detailed information.” No. 72 became serious.
Soon, all kinds of videos and data were transmitted. He learned about Wang Xuan’s fighting style and saw the hazy outline of the terrifying black wooden box.
Even this caused an uproar. Although the scanned image was very blurry and the flesh and blood figure could not even be seen clearly, many people believed that it should be Wang Xuan.
In the era after the collapse of the myth, who else has supernatural power and can fight against the space fleet with cold weapons? There is only one person at the moment.
“The Star Destroyers were dispatched, and the planets in the distance were wiped out on the spot, but they were not able to kill a single flesh-and-blood human?”
In the universe, various planets, many ethnic groups, and many creatures are all in a daze. Are they still humans?
This is the era of exhaustion. That person actually dared to rush to the Star Destroyer. It did not comply with the rules and principles of this era. It was too unscientific.
Whether among extraordinary species or on a technological planet, all races feel dizzy. This is becoming more and more magical. Six or seven years ago, he was still fighting ordinary battleships. Just a few years after he calmed down, his strength improved again. ?
/Even the immortals and gods who were reduced to ordinary people had their eyes changed. They stared at the blurry picture and were speechless for a long time.
“Are you sure