g was shocked on the spot. Even though he was a super peer, his expression changed slightly for a moment. He finally nodded and then said something to the great elder Qingcang.

When the two of them looked at him, their expressions softened a lot.
Obviously, when they trained Wang Xuan, they didn’t need him to pay any scriptures in exchange. They could just show him the strange scripture.
Now, Wang Xuan took the initiative to tell them and give them a look. This was a sign of friendship and reciprocation.
/The two people’s impression of him has improved a lot, and there is no need for any test. The second king of Wuxing Mountain is by no means a cold-hearted person, and he knows how to repay his kindness.
Wang Xuan obtained many supreme classics and decided to send this one. Some people have read it, from the wanted criminal Wu Tian to Yan Que.
He was convinced that the Black Peacock Sacred Mountain posed no threat to him and had good intentions. At the same time, he also wanted to use this to further “unlock” himself, telling Qingkong that he had gained something while practicing this secret method and was already “on the road”.
“Very good, he is very fierce in actual combat, and his talent is also very fierce.” Great Elder Qing Cang nodded repeatedly, becoming more and more satisfied with him as he looked at him.
He told Wang Xuan that if he needed to mention it to the outside world, he would say that he was trained in the Black Peacock Holy Mountain and that he got the scriptures from here.
This is exactly the cover up that Wang Xuan needs most. It is normal for a true immortal to take the road of imperial transformation and rely on the first-class powerful clan in the universe. There is no problem.
After the second elder Qing Ning finished negotiating, he turned around and sat back. His face was not very good, and he said: “That girl thinks very highly of herself. She doesn’t want to step on our clan’s special arena, and she doesn’t want to suppress her realm and fight with others. She said it’s not necessary. ”
The woman in blue spoke calmly and confidently, saying: “I won’t bully you. Either come together and I will challenge all the geniuses in your clan alone, or I will stand here and let you choose one of them and deal with it at will.” I attack, and if I can dodge or shake me, even if I move a step, I lose.”
“Can you, the Black Peacock Clan, challenge you all to one another? You have to be coy and unwilling to join us. Now that you are given such an opportunity, can you seize it?” The people from the Long-armed Ape Clan booed and ridiculed.
“When you say this, I really have some ideas.” Wang Xuan appeared and strode over.
Qingkong and Qingcang didn’t speak, letting him do what he wanted. After all, they knew some of his details.
“I am in the realm of true immortals, and you are in the realm of heaven. There is really no way to make up for the gap in moral practice.” Wang Xuan opened his mouth and stated the facts. If he were in the realm of heaven, he could kill any true immortal at will!