ared one after another in the void. The embodied scripture carrier rushed high into the sky with a bang. After resonance, the huge mountain-like Scorpio cracked and then exploded.

Wang Xuan stepped forward. His state here had no ups and downs, no ups and downs. He was always in an immortal state, stable and powerful.
Along the way he walked, accompanied by corpses and rain of blood. Those creatures were crazy and very abnormal. The only way to kill them was to kill them with all their strength.
A gust of black wind blew, and he quickly dodged it. It was very frightening. The strong wind blew apart the void. After the arrival of various monsters, they dispersed in form and spirit and ceased to exist.
Wang Xuan walked forward calmly. Occasionally, he raised his head and looked with his spiritual eyes, because he was about to leave, and he could see through the essence of the distorted time and space vertically.
According to speculation, this may be a place where all planes meet.
Suddenly, his hair stood on end. Through the overlapping twisted space, he saw a huge eye above the dark sky. It was many times larger than a normal planet, as if looking down.
Wang Xuan felt as if he had returned to the world in the bottle. Someone showed an eye at the mouth of the bottle and was looking inside, a little greedy and a little surprised.
The main reason is that this road is too narrow. The relatively vast deep space is indeed very small. After being captured by the creature, it looked down outside the turbulent flow of time and space.
Then, it threw a hook, as if fishing, to catch Wang Xuan away!
There was absolutely no such experience last time, but today I encountered such an unknown and shocking monster.
/“It’s so disgusting. You want to go fishing and covet me?” Yu Daoqi got angry, and its size did not change, but the gold and silver textures were intertwined, super matter was boiling, and accompanied by chaotic energy, it took the initiative to kill.
With a bang, the turbulence of time and space was exploded by the flag. The creature in the distant place had blood splashing from one of its giant eyes, let out an earth-shattering soul roar, and then disappeared.
There were no accidents along the way, until a cliff appeared in the deep sky ahead. Wang Xuan’s expression became solemn, and he reminded Yu Daoqi and the mechanical bear to be careful.
This is the Cliff of Lost Dao. Anyone who steps on it will fall from the path and become a mortal.
Even if the treasure comes here, it will become an ordinary weapon, unable to use the rules, and lose all extraordinary attributes.
Lost Path Cliff is really like a huge and steep cliff, not made of meteorites, but stuck in the void forever, majestic and oppressive.
Wang Xuan jumped up and came to this cliff that was very similar to the “Land of Lawlessness”.
“This feeling is very bad. I have lost the power of rules.” Yu Daoqi said. Fortunately, it is hard and not afraid of being broken.
/“The bear was startled. He thought his soul was going to be dusted again. It’s not