dn’t tell.

“If you put a lobster skull on your head, you will know if I am serious about what I said.” Liu Changan said with a smile.
“Disgusting!” Zhou Shuling punched him, and then went to catch Zhou Dongdong, preparing to take her upstairs to take a bath.
Zhou Shuling has to take care of a child, but for girls in today’s mobile phone age, even if they are lying in bed, they are just playing with their mobile phones.
Bai Hui is going to find someone to accompany Shangguan Dandan to fight off the beard. Zhu Juntang cannot do this task. Zhu Juntang has no quality in playing cards. Peeping, not starting over again, temporarily adding rules, grabbing cards and other means are all used. Extremely, unless Liu Changan is also playing, no one can stop her from cheating.
The only one left was Liu Changan. When Bai Hui and Zhu Juntang went to find Liu Changan hand in hand, they found that he and Shangguan Dandan had walked out of the resort building and were walking towards the night market street where there were not many lights.
The first person to see Liu Changan and Shangguan Dandan leaving the resort was Yan Qingcheng. She watched from the balcony of the room on the third floor. Shangguan Dandan was holding a big thermos flask, while Liu Changan was carrying Shangguan Dandan’s new one that he bought today. The chain saw started and turned off again from time to time.
Yan Qingcheng knows how to use a hand-pulled hacksaw. She always has to make the best use of the shabby desks in rural primary schools, repairing them year after year. She must master some common tools such as saws, hammers, pliers, etc. Knowing how to use it is not difficult for a girl who grew up in a living environment like Yan Qingcheng to be proficient in operating and repairing tables and chairs.
Forget it if she’s like Bai Hui, why would I always compete with her? It was only during dinner that I made up my mind to avoid following Bai Hui’s rhythm and temperament.
But today Bai Fen really worked hard. A girl who usually weighs herself before and after meals, and screams if she gains a little fat, really ate a lot today. You know, just one of those lobsters. , in restaurants, the portions are always for a full table.
When she saw Shangguan Dantan and Liu Changan walking out, Yan Qingcheng felt very strange. Why was Shangguan Dantan always holding such a big thermos?
/Today, Shangguan Dandan was holding the pot except when he was jumping on the stage. Yan Qingcheng estimated that if the thermos pot was filled with water, it might weigh more than ten kilograms. Yan Qingcheng also heard Shangguan Dandan muttering from time to time. Two sentences like “I don’t have the strength”.
/It takes a lot of strength to hold such a big thermos bottle all the time. If you don’t have a lot of strength and no place to use it, who would be holding a big thing weighing more than ten kilograms all day long and practicing?
Especially when Su Nanxiu stated that she was Liu Changan’s wife, and Liu Changan also said that long after breaking up with Su Nanxiu, Yan