nior sister is a personal grudge. Do you have to meddle in other people’s business and interfere in the internal disputes in the Holy Land of the Human Race?”

“I don’t dare. My sect leader only knows where justice lies. He does not give in to power and does not care about his own interests. He sticks to justice and does not hesitate even to the death. This is the courage of a gentleman.”
Lu Bei shook his head lightly and said solemnly: “If the Holy Land of the Human Race is not as bright as it appears on the surface, but is just a dirty place that flies and ants are attracted to, what’s the harm in my sect master’s efforts to smooth over the injustices in front of us!”
Pacer: Bah, shameless.
Yu Zixun: A person with integrity is like a gentleman’s sword.
Seeing that Lu Bei’s attitude was firm and logical, Yu Zixun could not continue to hold up the banner of the Holy Land to suppress others, and his voice turned cold: “In this case, putting aside the private grudges of the Holy Land and there is no dispute between the two countries, Sect Leader Lu If I want to put it bluntly, who is right between you and me depends entirely on our skill.”
/“Is this true?”
Yu Zixun turned over his hand and took out a black dagger, and responded with a solemn expression. Due to Qi Yan’s poor overseas intelligence capabilities, she didn’t know much about the situation in Lu Bei. She only knew that this man was a formidable enemy that she had never seen in her life. She used all her strength to Only if you go will you have the possibility of winning.
Ten seconds later, Yu Zixun was hanging on the tree with a confused look on his face.
She kicked her feet in the air and blinked, still in a daze.
too fast.
Before she could react, the person was already climbing the tree.
The pacer was also confused and looked at Lu Bei in confusion. You hung her up on the tree, but you put me down. Look again at Lu Bei Fei rubbing his hands and taking out the jade slip, scoring twice, the nightmare comes again, closing his eyes and letting out a mournful cry.
/Thinking on the bright side, at least this time she had someone to back her up, and she wasn’t the only one to suffer.
“Sect Master Lu, what does this mean?”
Yu Zixun was shocked, his face turned pale and he said, “You are a gentleman, and a gentleman shouldn’t be like this.”
Lu Bei smiled heartily and stepped forward with the jade slip in his hand: “Messenger, please don’t misunderstand me. This sect master has no such dirty thoughts. As the saying goes, only by feeling the pain can you understand the pain. This time, we just want to turn our hostility into friendship. Don’t do anything to each other again in the future.” An act of murder.”
In the wilderness, these words were difficult to convince. Yu Zixun didn’t even think about it, and his throat was broken when he opened his mouth.
Lu Bei didn’t stop him, he just looked at her calmly, laughing to death. The two of them had made it their own way. Before the fight started, he had set up a barrier. Ordinary m