s intertwined with the texture of the imperial path, and led them all in.

Wang Xuan was immediately confused. This was a secret realm where many elixirs were planted all over the mountains and plains.
Among them, some great medicines are very rare and extremely rare.
Wang Xuan was lost in thought, and what he saw before him seemed familiar.
“It’s surprising. Look, there are magic medicines rooted in the void over there, and there are also alien-level medicines that move with the clouds. It’s spectacular, isn’t it?”
Wang Xuan came back to his senses. Back then, he and Wu Tian seized a True Saint’s Backyard in the Chaotic Sea of ??Time and Space. It was this kind of secret realm that received so much good fortune, which directly met his needs for brewing Yudaohua wine.
To this day, he doesn’t know which True Saint Dojo’s backyard was ransacked by him and Wu Tian, ??and no one has come forward yet.
However, it shouldn’t be the secret realm in the backyard of Wujie Mountain, because he also used the killing array map to kill a living strong man there, and his path number was inconsistent with Wujie Mountain.
There are large palaces deep in the secret realm here, which are very majestic. Some are built on the ground, some are on top of mountains, and some are suspended in the clouds.
“Eh? Kong Xuan!” In the distance, someone with sharp eyes spotted the two kings of Wuxing Mountain among the crowd.
Then, he flew over. It was a golden cicada, flying across time and space, landing on the ground, and instantly transformed into a man.
“Haha, brother, you are finally here.” Jin Ming laughed, extremely happy, with a row of eyes on his forehead that he didn’t have time to hide.
“You have another pair of eyes?” Wang Xuan was surprised. It was obvious that Jin Ming’s Taoism had improved a lot.
“Alas, I took strange food every day and was forced to practice various profound scriptures. I became a ten-eyed golden cicada without realizing it.” Jin Ming wanted to keep a low profile, but couldn’t help but couldn’t help but have a look on his face. The look of a smile.
Then, he called for friends and immediately contacted those acquaintances, which immediately caused a commotion. Wolverine, Zhong Xiao, Luo Ying and others rushed over.
“Brother!” The three feathers on the wolverine’s head became more and more brilliant, and the glow shone around, forming a divine ring behind the head, making him look like a god, with an aura of transcendence.
“Second father!” The former young boy Lang Tian has become a very strong young man with long hair, wild and wild, but now his face is full of joy and he is flying over. The young boy is gone, making people lament the passage of time. It goes by so fast.
/“Haha, brother, you finally showed up this time. We haven’t seen each other for more than 60 years!” The national treasure Xiong Shan was also there, and he came with the group as expected.
Wang Xuan was also very happy and said hello to them. He had too much to say.
“Let’s go, why are you still hanging around? Let’s catch up on the