kin, are you willing to rot? Reborn from the ashes, don’t let me down! Silver skin, ghost-painted talismans resonate, resist!”

Wang Xuan was in pain, but he still brainwashed himself, established a firm belief for himself, and fought his way into a desperate situation that the outside world could not imagine!
“I am on a journey, looking for a new mythical world. It is no less than the creation of the world. A great disaster will come at any time. Immortals, fateful soil, and the curtain, if you feel like it, please extend my life!”
/He rushed all the way, his body was like a meteor piercing the dark night sky, passing through the terrifying void passage, all the way up.
The stone walls of the meteorite passage are very rough, and the red clouds are surging. Although it is thin, the higher you go, the closer it is to the “real”, and the more granular materials there are.
This kind of super-grade energy is incomprehensible to ordinary people. If it is contaminated even slightly, it will be like thunder exploding, like a raging fire from the sky, burning and forging the soul.
Normally speaking, any creature that penetrates such a long distance would be destined to die.
Wang Xuan was eroded by the light mist, his soul was cracked, his eyesight turned black, and the internal organs built up by his spiritual power were rotten and gradually blurred away.
He took a look and saw that the outermost pale golden animal skin was not burning. There was an inexplicable golden mist flowing, and the two large holes were resonating.
“Even this animal hide has not been burned. As a human, how can I retreat? I am still hiding in it, how can I be inferior to it? Charge again!”
Wang Xuan’s mouth was dry and he felt like it was going to explode, but he still didn’t want to shrink back. Maybe he could just endure it and rush through. He was eager to enter the source of reality.
“I want to take a look and see what I will see after the breakthrough!” He was unwilling and even more curious. This road was too mysterious.
Has it existed since ancient times?
Or was the trajectory of his soul born because of him?
“Why, this road is too long!” Wang Xuan was about to be burned crazy. His soul wanted to vomit blood. He felt that his so-called spiritual hair was burned and smoking. His spiritual flesh and skin were torn apart and gradually entered a black state. .
When he opened his spiritual eyes, he still hadn’t come close to that snow-white and sacred flower!
“It doesn’t look like an astronomical distance, but many days have passed since the actual crossing, and the place where the magic flower takes root is not even close yet?”
Looking at the mountain and running to death, he is exhausted from looking at flowers.
Soon after, the red clouds became more intense, and he was a little dazed from being burned. When did it end?
Until now, he was in extreme pain and was a little numb. His mind was in a jumble, his ears were buzzing, and he seemed to be hearing many strange sounds.
“Tao, emptiness”
He gritted his teeth and shoo