he said this, the whole Longyin Sect was in an uproar, and all the disciples came out one after another with murderous intent.

After this period of development, Longyin Sect has accepted many disciples, and the sect has gradually prospered. However, the trip to Kunlun made everyone in the world aware of the dangers of the Nuo method. Tao Zhu, the leader of the Longyin Sect, even bravely abolished his Six Secret Cave Heaven and allowed himself to return to the Qi Refining Master, lest he be successful in cultivation and be punished by others. Harvest.
The cooperation between the Longyin Sect and the Nuo master family also ended because of this. In the past, if a sect like the Longyin Sect wanted to gain a foothold, it had to rely on a big family. After all, the Longyin Sect only had one sect master left, and it would be difficult to survive without relying on a big family.
But now, everyone in the world knows that the Nuo method is harmful to people. Even the Nuo ancestors have harvested the world. The Nuo master family is also in panic, and their situation has also undergone earth-shaking changes.
Nowadays, the Nuo master family can only rely on these ancient sects to obtain the Qi refining inheritance and abolish their own Nuo method inheritance.
Master Tao of the Longyin Sect walked out of the sect’s mansion, looked up, and saw the big snake hanging upside down from the clouds. He took a breath of air and said, “Is this a Qi Refiner?”
An Qi was born with a Taoist image, his body was hidden in the clouds, and it was difficult to see the head or the tail. Two black and white horns grew from the back of his head, deriving the yin and yang qi to form a Tai Chi diagram, which was astonishing.
No wonder Sect Master Tao was horrified by this.
There was a sudden buzz in the back of his head, and Niwan Palace flew out of the cave and hung in the sky. This cave is also much larger than other caves, like the moon hanging in the sky very close to the ground.
Except for this Niwan Palace, no other caves were sacrificed after his death to show fairness.
Sect Leader Tao looked across the way and saw a long river floating in the air. On the river was a woman dressed in fine clothes, and beside her was a young man in black. He said with awe in his heart: “Promise!”
He knew Xu Ying. On the Kunlun Divine Bridge, Xu Ying beat many sect leaders in order to protect Yuan Weiyang’s sense of martial arts on the other side, and he was one of them.
“Brother Xu!”
Sect Leader Tao knew he was no match for him, so he said loudly, “Is this big snake your mount? You let your mount challenge me, are you deliberately humiliating our Longyin Sect?”
He made up his mind, and as soon as Xu Ying admitted it, he sacrificed the five dragon stakes, transformed into five dragons flying around the fairy stakes, and strangled the big snake together with Xu Ying!
/Hearing this, Sect Leader Tao felt relieved, looked at An Qi again, and thought to himself: “It’s just a vulgar ancient giant beast. Although it has a big body, it doesn’t have a few bra