ently, but they saw a big demon with a majestic body and arrogance written on his face stepping towards them.

“The Honghu clan is so courageous. They even dare to snatch my king’s concubine. They clearly don’t take this king seriously.” Lu Bei pretended to be Kong Ji and showed off his domineering air when he appeared.
A group of little demons fled away, and the four demons were shocked. Fortunately, the problem was not big, they didn’t do anything extraordinary. As long as the demon king opposite was reasonable, the misunderstanding could be explained away.
“Senior, don’t be upset. This junior saw this lady living in the wilderness with no guards around. The reason for inviting her into the city is to protect her safety. I hope senior will understand everything and don’t wrongly blame this junior.” The handsome boy explained aloud.
“Nonsense, don’t think you are polite, just because you can confuse right and wrong.”
Lu Bei snorted coldly: “I can see clearly that you, a pervert, covet the beauty of my concubine and want to bring her into the city to do such evil things, right?”
“Senior, this junior is a woman!” The handsome boy smiled bitterly.
Good man, you are so tall and tall, and you are actually a female. No wonder the Honghu clan did not get ahead, and perfectly avoided the preferences of the first generation Demon Emperor.
Lu Bei choked for a moment. The person facing him had a bird’s face and was wearing a helmet. He couldn’t tell the male from the male.
Fortunately, this did not affect his anger. As the saying goes, you can never wake up a person who pretends to be asleep, and you can never defend an unreasonable person. He immediately reprimanded: “It doesn’t matter that you are a woman, and… As for the three of them, the Honghu clan is so courageous that they even dare to snatch my concubine, so they clearly don’t take my king seriously.”
“Senior and junior, four of us have one mother, and they are all female.”
MD, I can’t help this sect leader!
Lu Bei stared at the bird’s eyes, and his brief stiffness was quite joyful. He gave up the topic of female body and said unreasonably: “Okay, this is wrong for me, and that is wrong, and nothing is wrong. You Honghu clan are so big. You are so brave, you clearly don’t take this king seriously.”
“Senior, be careful!”
At this point, the four demons probably knew that the other side was looking for trouble.
Just when they pounced on Hu San, preparing to hold the hostage first, a golden light flashed in front of them, and they all pounced in vain.
Lu Bei picked up Hu San’s back collar, waved his hand, and threw it back into the grass behind him. His eyes flashed, golden light danced, and the aura of the Mahayana demon king exploded, causing the sky to be filled with black clouds and covering the sky above Xiongcheng.
/The heaven and earth rumbled, and the will of terror descended.
/The method of uniting heaven and man, borrowing the power of heaven and earth.
This move was used by Ao Yi, the Dragon King of the Immortal Mansion Continent. She did n