the tree vines!” Yu Daoqi signaled.

Wang Xuan opened his spiritual eyes, and from the subtle realm, he saw the strange mobile phone shining on a leaf, gesturing to the outside.
Compared with the blade, the mobile phone is insignificant, and it is too small to be seen.
/The next moment, Wang Xuan and Yu Daoqi also entered the range of the tree vines, and their bodies suddenly shrank. Relatively speaking, they seemed to be smaller than a grain of rice.
Of course, they are not entering the microscopic realm.
However, by comparison, the earth platform seems to be far more majestic than the majestic mountains, and the trees and vines seem to be directly above the chaotic clouds, so high that they are endless.
It was a weird experience, and the three of them quickly rushed up the tree vines.
But looking from the outside, there seemed to be three tiny insects climbing on the one-meter-high plants on the small soil platform.
“Brother Ji, you have to be more careful. This is really going into someone else’s lair. Be prepared for a showdown with the True Saint!” Wang Xuan said.
Leaves bigger than clouds and “twigs” thicker than mountains retreated rapidly from their side, and they headed towards the top of the tree crown.
There were no obstacles or dangers on the tree, but on the way, they saw a large snake skin with karmic fire, the remains of a “Nine-Headed True Phoenix” with embers, and later they also saw the remains of some legendary species. The lower scales and claws, etc.
Tree vines are very special. Some creatures seem to be able to take a new life through them and achieve nirvana here!
Along the way, the chaotic fog filled the air and became thicker and thicker. The trees and vines submerged into the void high in the sky, and Wang Xuan and the others followed them as they climbed higher.
“Time is running out, the countdown is about to begin!” Red light flowed on the screen of the mobile phone, with a hint of murderous intent, and his tone was heavy.
The cutter will return soon, and we have to race against time. It’s extremely urgent!
/In the sea of ??origin, in the dilapidated Holy Palace of Chaos, Jie Dao paid his respects here, nostalgic for the past, and was indeed a little lost in thought, but he did not waste too much time.
“Is there still a broken formation here? Let me try teleportation and exile again!” He said coldly, stepped forward, and slashed the strange scene in front of him with the light of his sword.
In an instant, as he wished!
The chaotic light expanded and surged, and he was stunned. Then, he was sent away again. There were indeed paths and tracks of the broken formation here.
In an instant, he entered the extraordinary sea of ??light, and there was a huge wave that could sweep through the outer universe. In addition, an extremely terrifying vortex of the avenue appeared. It was a terrifying zone that could dissolve and devour the true holy city!
He was sent into the depths of the extraordinary sea of ????light. Generally speaking, true saints would not approach this kind of plac