come here for Wang Xuan this time. Hengcheng and Yuan Zhao retreated twice, taking a total of 25 days to completely master the first chapter.

They are here to fulfill their promise. With such a fast cultivation speed and a benign mutation, they are obviously ahead of others. They must be given a heavy reward and take them to see Yu Daohua’s strange bones.
“Wait a minute, I have also penetrated the complete great circulation route.” Wang Xuan said, that strange bone is his biggest target. He feels that this is his blessed place, and it can help him further improve the parietal bone and increase his Taoism. .
With such a wonderful scripture and a strange bone as a reference, the opportunity was so rare that he couldn’t even think about moving forward. But what to say to the Black Peacock Clan? Just tell him that his behavior may change.
The first elder and the second elder were really surprised.
“When did you complete the great cycle route?” The second elder couldn’t help but ask.
“A few days ago.” Wang Xuan replied.
/“” The second elder was in a daze. If he said it was just today, he actually said that he had succeeded some time ago, earlier than the Hengcheng who returned to his ancestors whom she valued.
The great elder also asked, was he feeling unwell?
“It’s okay.” Wang Xuan shook his head. This was not the time to hide his clumsiness and keep a low profile. He wanted to see the sacred skull of the Black Peacock tribe and couldn’t lag behind others.
The great elder was also speechless. Seeing that his energy was not sluggish, it was clear that he could continue to persevere and continue to circulate this scripture.
Soon, Chao Jue Shi Qing Kong was alarmed and rushed here in person.
“In what way do you think you might change?” Qingkong asked him.
“Maybe it’s Taoism.” Wang Xuan replied cautiously.
“Okay, let’s go see our clan’s sacred bones first!” Qingkong nodded, very happy and happy. She hoped that the second king brought back from Wuxing Mountain could bring her new surprises.
When he learned that the group was going to the Black Peacock Clan’s altar, he immediately became energetic and hurriedly saluted, saying: “My disciple has equaled the records of Hengcheng and Yuanzhao. Since they can go, I also want to visit.” Strange bones.”
The two prodigies who were named didn’t look very good-looking, but this Chuan Chuan’er was actually on par with them.
Wolverine explained that otherwise in ten days, after he has thoroughly mastered this scripture, he would have to ask three elders to take him to view the sacred skull.
He felt embarrassed if it was such a troublesome thing.
It was obvious that he wanted to observe the bones in advance, but in the end, he was thinking of the three extraordinary beings.
The three of them glanced at him a few times, but they really couldn’t blame him. This wolverine with colorful tail feathers yearned for the black peacock tribe and indeed tied the record.
“Then let’s go together.” Qingkong said.
Ruixia rose into the sky, and then, a road paved with fragments of