demon king so much that he really couldn’t get off the stage. He walked with the spear and merged into one, like a bolt of chaotic lightning, tearing open the starry sky and streaking across the dark universe. Beyond the constraints of time and space, he stabbed at Wang Xuan. go.

Wang Xuan’s spiritual eye is intertwined with the texture of the imperial way, and he is highly concentrated. At this moment, he has no reservations and is going all out. Not only is it a matter of venting bad energy, but he also wants to stabilize the talkers here and let them see his unlimited potential.
For a moment, he himself showed a strange look. When the spiritual eye was performed to this day, there was a slight mutation. The opponent’s speed seemed to be “slowed down”, and more details were captured by him.
/At this moment, he held a heavy mace and swept across it, accurately capturing the opponent’s royal path texture trajectory, and the mace hit the front end of the spear.
Suddenly, the fragments exploded, the spear tip broke, and the back part of the spear also broke off.
With just one blow, Wang Xuan’s mace shattered an exotic treasure in the opponent’s hand, and it continued unabated, hitting the whole person with a loud bang.
Especially, at the last moment, he shook his wrist slightly and deliberately controlled the trajectory of the mace, hitting the opponent’s head area.
The man in green was very strong, but in the end he became frightened. His opponent was too fierce and unstoppable. It was like a battleship hitting a raptor. He couldn’t hold it back at all.
Although he cast spells, released other secret treasures, formed a protective light curtain, etc., and was retreating, using all kinds of methods, it was all too late.
With a pop, his body exploded, along with his soul. Blood rained from the blow, and his whole body was completely gone.
Where are the five promised sticks?
The other limit-breaking wizards also felt their hearts sink, this opponent was too fierce.
The scene was completely silent. No one expected that such a result would occur in an instant.
This is really a bit unscrupulous, and this place has become Kong Xuan’s home court.
/He dealt a fatal blow without mercy and killed the person directly!
Wang Xuan shook his head and said: “Don’t you know that wearing helmets has been popular in these years? I am so weak and the protective measures are not in place. Who is to blame?”
“Presumptuous!” Chao Juezi, who was wearing a black coat, was cold and stern. He was looking for someone to test Kong Xuan’s strength, not to let him commit murder.
He stretched out his right hand, which instantly grew bigger, trying to grab Kong Xuan.
At the same time, a causal fishing rod appeared in his left hand, trying to pierce him with the hook again.
“Slow down!” Wang Xuanhan said in a cold voice.
Now that he is free, he will never be allowed to be imprisoned again. He has taken out some things behind the life soil and is always on guard.
“What else do you want to say? This time is for discussion, not for you to