o the process of black Taiyin evil energy.

The resulting intertwined colorful treasures of light illuminate the hole for a long time.
But fortunately, everything went on in an orderly manner. Chu Weiyang was very satisfied with the changes. Furthermore, the Taoist stared at the hanging ink jade coffin like this, as if he was elated because all the secret techniques that opened the door were being used in an orderly manner. A sigh of satisfaction filled with emotion.
And just when Chu Weiyang’s contented sighs were about to fall in his ears.
In front of the Taoist, among the colorful nectar condensed from all kinds of great medicinal essences, was Qi Feiqiong’s figure that emerged from the water with the sound. She was as beautiful as a hibiscus, but when she looked carefully, her face still had a distant look. She was blushing more than usual. Then, Qi Feiqiong pursed her thin lips tightly, but she still looked like she had choked on the water while swimming.
/After a series of dull coughs, it was not until the twelve-story building continued to slide that it took a moment for Qi Feiqiong to seem to have slowed down. His mouth opened slightly, accompanied by a smooth breathing that was almost greedy, and the ups and downs of his broad mind. It even made the water in the nectar pool ripple.
Immediately afterwards, Qi Feiqiong raised her hand.
/At this time, the silence was louder than the sound. For a long time, Qi Feiqiong’s divine form was more than half reflected in the Zijin Toad Palace, soaking in another pool. The hearts were connected from beginning to end, so that when Qi Feiqiong’s wrist fell, it caused The Sumeru power that did not belong to him opened a Sumeru door in this cave.
Fortunately, combining the three elements is also a wonderful way to practice Taoism. During the long-term practice process, Qi Feiqiong was also plowing towards the path of the Nine Refining Pills, while teaching his own aura to be contaminated with the natural Tao of the dojo cave. rhyme.
Therefore, coupled with the power of Sumeru poured into it by Chu Weiyang, the opening of the illusory door couldn’t be easier.
The next moment, almost as soon as the door opened, the aura fell down instantly. When they looked again, a jade slip and a compass with five-color auras flowing alternately appeared in the gaze of the three people, and then hovered over In front of Qi Feiqiong.
While Qi Feiqiong raised her hand to take the jade slip, she had already glanced at Chu Weiyang.
“If it weren’t for something urgent, my uncle would not touch the charm of my Taoism with the secret technique of my sect, using jade slips through the air.”
After explaining in this way, Qi Feiqiong swept his spiritual thoughts from the jade slip that illuminated the charm of the Huanghua Sect.
At the same time, Chu Weiyang’s eyes had fallen on the five-color compass.
The Taoist can clearly feel the aura of cultivation in the golden elixir realm that belongs to Ban Zhangjiao.
This is not a simple compass, there is something sealed inside it using the me