ere all killed by him one after another!

In the starry sky, in the Holy City of Tattoo, a section of the city wall collapsed. This was violently split open by Wang Xuan, and a terrible gap appeared, exposing the extraordinary beings guarding the city.
Wang Xuan stood outside the city wall. He was not taller than ten thousand feet, a normal human height, but it gave people the feeling of a majestic mountain and unattainable height.
He waved the Great Black Sky Sword in succession, and in the direction of the sword’s light, heads were rolling in the Tattoo Holy City. A large number of masters were instantly killed and exploded one after another.
A shrill scream was heard, which caused panic. No one thought that he would be so brave, breaking into the city with one sword and one man!
“Block the gap with the reserve flag!” someone shouted.
However, there were people further away who restrained themselves and watched indifferently without making any movement, seeming to hope that Kong Xuan would break into the city.
A group of heaven-level masters from the Black Gold Lion Clan were roaring, their racial talents and magical skills fully unleashed, fighting against a scene of bloody massacre like hell.
Because Wang Xuan really didn’t like them, and was focusing on taking care of this group of betrayers. Wherever the heavenly sword was directed, the sword was full of energy, accompanied by blood splattering everywhere.
Even though the Holy City of Tattoo raised a curtain of light and flowed Taoist rhyme to protect the group of black and mighty lions, they still suffered extremely horrific losses.
A group of black and gold lions were as huge as a mountain, but they looked so fragile when facing Wang Xuan, who was less than two meters tall.
Extraordinaries who are both at the heaven level, there is a huge gap between them. They can be considered a powerful race in the universe, but now they are all like scarecrows.
Wang Xuan slashed at it, and many big lions exploded. The black gold soul and the most terrifying roar of the soul were useless at all.
The black gold lion clan has a tenacious vitality, but now with one strike, a group of people died suddenly. They were vulnerable to a human being who was much smaller than them.
“Use the Time Array Vortex to bring back the Black Gold Lion Clan.” Someone shouted, we can’t let all the sky-level masters of the Black Gold Lion Clan die here.
Because, according to their arrangement, this clan has great use in the ultimate limit-breaking array.
Time rises and falls like waves, interweaving into a circle of light, covering the black and gold lion clan, directly leading them.
Wang Xuan punched the gap in the city wall, causing it to explode and a longer section of the wall to collapse. He was halfway into the city and stood on the gap.
/The light of the fist cut through the void, and the light of the sword cut through the front. The so-called vortex of time was not stable, and several of them exploded in succession, and another group of big lions died miserably.