the 17th century, and something happened to it back then, and it has long since decayed.

“Mutilated and problematic Yuan Sheng artifact?!” Wang Xuan was lost in thought.
He walked out and stood in this area for a long time. Behind him, a pile of sky bones as tall as a mountain were burning. At least they were the skeletons of creatures above the Mu Tian realm.
The firelight made his face flicker, and he wandered here.
Finally, when he inadvertently raised his head and looked at the laboratories, he couldn’t help but froze.
Everything was restored, including the laboratory personnel who were broken after he explored the light of the soul. They all showed pale faces, rotten eyeballs, etc. Some of them poked their heads out of the windows in the dark, looking at Looking at him.
And when he approaches, they still ask: Why aren’t you leaving?
/This place is so abnormal, even the mechanical beast in the mental cage and the book soaked in green liquid have appeared again.
During the experiment, the “rotten” mental bodies of those people were restored, as if they were in a cycle, in a special historical cycle.
As long as Wang Xuan walked over, they would repeat those words and those expressions, as if they were frozen in a certain moment in history.
The most important thing is, after Wang Xuan shattered them, what kind of power restored them?
They are spiritual bodies, but if they are rotten and decayed, do they count as dead?
“They should have died before 17 years ago. They are all dead.” Wang Xuan said to himself.
Finally, he left here and set out on the road again along the direction guided by the bloody lantern. He wanted to explore deeper.
This place left behind various unsolved mysteries, involving the Old Saints and others. It was the scene of the last incident before the 17th century. He wanted to find out the truth behind the fog.
On the way, the number of Sky Bone Fire Piles plummeted to the point where they were almost invisible, and the bloody lanterns, which were actually puddles of blood, gradually became sparse.
As for the one-horned horn that is one hundred thousand miles long, the pale palm that is hundreds of thousands of miles long, etc., such giants have long since disappeared.
After walking to the end, the blood lantern disappeared, the sky bone fire pile disappeared, and the darkness ahead was so deep that nothing could be seen.
The whole world was silent. He seemed to be the only one in this world. From ancient times to the present, there seemed to be no other living beings.
At this moment, Wang Xuan thought of the Dharma for Mental Illness. There is no specific Dharma. Everything is created by himself and he moves forward.
However, that kind of introduction, that kind of tone that describes the essence of the world, and explains that I am the only true person in the world, makes him have some resonance and association here.
It seems that he is really the only one from ancient times to the present. Everything in the world, the universe, the galaxies, various races, and all kinds of