d left in Xiao Tianzun’s body. Little Tianzun was stunned, and was about to take control of his body, but he immediately came back to his senses and lay down softly on the ground.

Xu Ying’s Taiqing Yuanshen turned into a stream of white energy, flew towards the green water pool, and returned to Xu Ying’s body.
/Xu Ying took back this vitality, split his soul into three parts, and entered the Xiyi realm to heal his injuries.
At this moment, the flute suddenly sounded, with bursts of killing sounds, making people lose control of the Dao phenomena in their bodies, become obsessed with Dao, and die of madness and confusion!
Xu Ying’s expression changed drastically. The Taoist injuries in the Xiyi Domain had been cured. He hurriedly stood up and flew towards the place where the little Tianzun was. He said sternly: “Master Cang Yue, how dare you!”
A slender Taoist walked towards Little Tianzun with a smile on his face. Behind him, the soul looked like an eight-armed demon, holding a flute in both hands. It was none other than Master Cang Yue.
Zhou Yashu’s cultivation level is the worst. He has been controlled by the sound of the flute for a long time. The Tao phenomena in his body are disordered and he is attacking himself. He is in danger.
The body of Little Tianzun, who was abandoned by Xu Ying, was trembling wildly, and there seemed to be something in his body that was out of control, and he fell into cannibalism.
“Xu Ying, you are very thoughtful and you are able to survive until now, but you still showed your flaws!”
Before Xu Ying could rush over, he saw Master Cang Yue laughing loudly. The soul behind him was flying with many arms, suddenly playing the zither, pipa, ringing the bells, chimes and drums, and bursts of Taoist sounds roared towards Xu Ying!
These sounds are visible to the naked eye. Wherever the sound waves pass, the mountains and forests are shattered, and the sky is cut into countless pieces.
Xu Ying’s body flashed continuously, but he was forced further and further away, unable to get close to them.
Suddenly, Xu Ying activated the Bahuang Sun Refining Furnace and hid in the Hong Furnace. The Hong Furnace rushed forward against Daoyin, but the next moment, the Hong Furnace shattered!
A sea of ??stars surged around Xu Ying, and countless stars protected his body, embracing him and rushing forward.
But under the terrifying Daoyin attack, the sea of ??chaotic stars was quickly shattered!
“On this journey, you outsmarted masters from all over the world, found out the details of Immortal Master Meng, and killed him. But you were still a little too eager. If you hadn’t been eager to heal your wounds and take back your soul, how could you have let me see it? Little Tianzun didn’t wake up after all?”
Cangyue Zhenren Shi Shiran came to the little Tianzun, bowed to the little Tianzun and saluted, and said with a smile, “Brother Taoist, Cangyue is here to give you a ride! Take your head and help me have a bright future!”
Behind him, the eight-armed spirit suddenly moved the bells, chimes, harps