l affairs of Duner, and are only responsible for patrolling and fighting!” David decided after pondering for a while.

He doesn’t care about the fourth-level sky knights at all, and it doesn’t matter if he keeps all the fourth-level sky knights.
David doesn’t think anyone dares to attack Dun’er. The Mather family previously attacked Villa No. 35 in the main city of Bama. For that attack, the Mather family paid tens of thousands of elites and a group of people. The price of being a fifth-level Templar, and that wasn’t the end.
But Dun’er Star is indeed too rich. Most of the cultivation here is extremely high-value alchemical herbs, and even seemingly ordinary agriculture produces high-quality ingredients.
Not to mention the various luxury goods, weapons and equipment, alchemy items and other processing industries here, each of which is enough to make people jealous. It used to be the protection of the Litton family, which kept this place safe.
David is not worried about the prying eyes of top nobles and great nobles. These nobles all know the importance. He is only worried that some wandering knights do not know his deeds and cause some trouble on the planet Duner.
Therefore, the presence of as many as forty fourth-level sky knights is enough to intimidate some people.
“Your Majesty, please rest assured about the safety of Dun’er!” Viscount Antonio said excitedly.
/Viscount Antonio was initially worried that these fourth-level sky knights would compete for some power because they became Duke Arthur’s subordinates earlier than him. He did not expect that Duke Arthur said that there were dozens of fourth-level sky knights and would not interfere in government affairs.
Viscount Antonio thought that this was Duke Arthur’s attitude, which was preferential treatment for the natives of Duner.
What’s more important is that with twenty level four sky knights at his disposal, he can easily eliminate those with evil intentions for Duke Arthur.
Viscount Antonio is very familiar with the planet Duner. Although he does not have David’s ability to use his mind to judge people with evil intentions, he also knows who has different intentions and who can be won over.
“Go ahead!” David waved his hand.
Viscount Antonio bowed his head and resigned. He left with a light step, and the results of his defection were fruitful.
“Come in!” David ordered the butler standing outside the hall.
This butler was extremely reserved, and David also understood that the profession of being a butler meant that he would only serve one nobleman for his whole life, and the butler who could stay would naturally not be an important butler of the Litton family.
Maybe being able to stand as a butler in the lord’s castle also shows that his previous identity was not simple.
“Jeffrey has met your distinguished master!” The butler made a big salute after entering the hall.
David’s mental scan made sure that the butler’s psychology was not abnormal.
Ordinary people, even knights not exceeding the third level, cannot hide their thoughts in front of hi