avid came, he learned about the situation on Duner Planet and used methods to win over Viscount Antonio.

“This is my honor!” Viscount Antonio was very happy and bowed.
“Butler Dickens, you stay here first. The twenty sky knights here are under your command!” David turned to Butler Dickens and ordered.
“Yes, Master!” Butler Dickens responded with great gratitude knowing that David asked him to stay to facilitate communication with these people, and that the twenty sky knights were given to him to command for his safety.
A fourth-level sky knight descended from the sky, took out an alchemy carriage from the space ring, and opened the door for David.
“Viscount Antonio, come up!” David was not polite. He boarded the alchemy carriage first and then said to Viscount Antonio.
The relationship between Viscount Antonio, or all the two hundred noble families here, and David is not equal, but subordinate.
Therefore, David needs to show appropriate dignity, which is also part of aristocratic etiquette.
/Viscount Antonio bowed to thank him. He boarded the alchemy carriage, sat opposite David, and moved slightly to the side to show his respect.
“Viscount Antonio, I know that some people in Dun’er are not satisfied with my control. You have a good prestige in Dun’er, so I will give you certain powers and let you deal with these people, whether through coordination or Using forceful pressure and other methods, I just need to see the results!” David said calmly.
“Don’t worry, Lord Duke , I will do my best!” Viscount Antonio bowed and said.
Viscount Antonio knew very well that this was Duke Arthur’s test. Whether he could take his family a step further and gain higher power on the planet Duner would depend on his ability to act in the future.
From the moment Viscount Antonio took the initiative to stand up, he expressed his loyal attitude.
“In one month, I need to see results. If you fail to achieve it, then I will directly clean up these people. It seems that some people have forgotten that Dun’er is my territory!” David continued.
“Yes, Your Majesty the Duke!” Viscount Antonio hesitated slightly. He felt that time was a little tight, but he responded quickly.
“A month later, I will hold a grand cocktail party here, which is both a Templar cocktail party and a celebration for my becoming a top noble!” Seeing Viscount Antonio’s attitude, David smiled and said the reason.
Viscount Antonio’s eyes lit up. The Luce family will become the top nobles, and the Luce family will have a share of the resources of the top nobles.
Everyone knows that the Luce family has few knights. Although forty sky knights appeared today, the resources consumed by those knights are not the same as those required by the nobles on Duner.
What they need are mostly the resources of official knights and earth knights, as well as quotas to go to the battle star, various knight inheritances, etc.
/Viscount Antonio thought about how much benefit this news would bring to his family, and his motivation suddenly increased a lot.
The castle belonging to t