ople from the 36th level, were all very impressive. They suppressed their sacred objects forcefully without causing an upset.

Heng’s descendant was balanced. Looking at his companions, he had mixed emotions. He didn’t know whether he should be disappointed or happy. His forehead bones were broken. It was so miserable that he actually possessed such a heaven-defying sacred object as the Golden Scorpion Ant.
“Huh?” The survivors looked back.
An accident occurred in the heaven-level area. A clay doll was born, and the “mud” splashed on it swept across a crowd of people, causing many hosts with natural talents to scream and be penetrated.
“It looks very much like the legendary clay figurine of a sacred object from 23 centuries ago.” He looked back at the giant palace and found that Wu and You were also nodding in agreement, and another dead sacred object came to life.
Then, a strange scene appeared in the True Immortal area. A snail was as fast as lightning. The key was that the thunder it unleashed was unstoppable by hosts of the same level.
It roared wildly, knocking down a group of people, but they were all pierced by its Yudao-shaped lightning.
“There is doubt about this sacred object. Let’s just count it as one. The one back then was a chaos snail, but this one is actually a light snail.”
Later, Leng Mei, Wu Mingxiu, Gu Shixuan, Zhou Yan, etc. appeared on the stage, and there were no surprises.
In the super peerless area, it wasn’t until some casual cultivators and some not-so-famous hosts appeared that a shocking spectacle appeared again.
The sacred object in question is in Chao Jueshi of Huangxian Cave. Huang Youcheng is a 4-time limit breaker, but he is quite lucky. Two hundred years ago, he got a fragmented Yuan Sheng object in a Jedi place.
/It was a tattered page of scripture paper. After years of warming, the paper had recovered to some extent. Now, after being activated by the True Saint, it split the sky directly, and then the fog became thick, and all kinds of incredible sights appeared.
“Dream Seal!” At this moment, not only the survivors stood up, but also “You” turned into a cloud and came to the scene in person, staring carefully.
Another sacred object that was once destroyed but resurrected appears.
As soon as the dream chapter came out, this group of people all seemed to be crazy and insane, and many people were wailing.
Especially the host Huang Youcheng. With a loud bang, amidst the screams, Chaos Thunder burst out from behind his buttocks. Yellow smoke rolled in, covering the sky and the sun, accidentally injuring friendly troops, and causing some mentally disturbed people to wake up briefly. A woman The monk even vomited loudly.
Outside the court, even Wang Xuan was dumbfounded. When they were in the Hell God City, Lao Huang had slapped him and then escaped with his fart.
In front of them, this group of people woke up briefly, and then became even more crazy. Affected by the dream holy chapter, they were all crazy and completely lost.
If there is any further delay, these people w