has made after spending a long time are equivalent to being scrapped. If he starts over, he doesn’t know how long it will take.

Of course, he also had other means, and he didn’t place all his hopes on this, otherwise, he would really go crazy because of this.
“Brother, let’s have a word. Let’s have a good communication and get to know each other again. No matter what our backgrounds are, it’s always good to have multiple friends and multiple paths.” Wang Zesheng said with a pleasant face, communicating with each other here.
The man in black armor said nothing, with endless coldness in his eyes. He cut off his opportunity. After destroying his carrier, he communicated with him again, saying that there are many friends and many paths? How hateful!
He really wanted to say, spicy chicken!
At the same time, the bloody Fate Spider on his head was also extremely cold and said nothing, only strong hostility.
“What’s that look in your eyes? Can you speak normally and communicate well?” Wang Zesheng was dissatisfied. His good words and good words could not be exchanged for any response.
At this moment, he was holding a long black knife, sometimes looking towards the end of the deep sky, sometimes circling around the person and spider in front of him, examining and observing.
“You unscrupulous fisherman, don’t pretend to be serious here, hurry up, or don’t blame me for being rude.” Wang Zesheng threatened.
He knew that this was just a manifestation and did not involve the core secret. He wanted to talk to its true body through the blurry figure in front of him.
However, the other party was not cooperative at all and ignored him with indifferent eyes.
“If you don’t eat the toast, you will be fined with wine!” Wang Zesheng swung his knife, without using the blade. Instead, he used one side of the knife body as an extension of his palm, and slapped the man on the face twice.
Suddenly, the man’s eyes changed. It was so cold that it could freeze the universe and freeze a large area of ??the starry sky. He was aroused with murderous intent.
The blood-colored spider’s pupils also emitted a cold light.
Similarly, with a snap, the Fate Spider also received a knife, which was equivalent to a slap in the face.
“Don’t break them up.” Jiang Yun reminded him.
The two searched here for a long time. In the end, Jiang Yun was responsible for “helping each other”, stabilizing one person and one spider so that they would not be separated.
Wang Zesheng led the way, and based on the weak destiny line of one person and one spider, headed towards the unknown place in deep space, hoping to find more clues.
/Jiang Yun said: “Let me guess, you do not belong to the extraordinary center. Although you are ambitious, you do not have the ability to conduct a comprehensive expedition?”
She continued: “You once mentioned that we live in pursuit of extraordinary water plants. If so, do you have a relatively stable mythical universe?”
/However, she immediately shook her head and said: “Perhaps, our side is stable, and you are born to chase extr