ountain and the Four True Saints’ Dojo? No problem, I am invincible among the immortals. I can kill a hundred with one kill and help behead more than a hundred people you want to save. No pressure, I can lead some people to get the qualification to withdraw from the battlefield.”

Feiyue was very happy. Without Wang Xuan saying anything, she knew his purpose, took the initiative to point it out and agreed.
“Okay, but you must also ensure your own safety.” Wang Xuan nodded.
“No problem!” Cheng Hai agreed happily.
In the past, Wang Xuan only had two extra extraordinary communicators on his body during the dusk scene. He kept them as spares and gave them to Feiyue and Cheng Hai respectively.
After they successfully left hell and returned to the living world, other people started to add Wang Xuan’s extraordinary communication number one after another, but they were very cautious with each other and rarely contacted each other.
Wang Xuan was not surprised. They had been back for 279 years and had already understood the specific situation in this world. They should be very clear that the Four Great Fields were strong and the situation in Wujie Mountain was worrying.
In this suffocating atmosphere, everyone has their own choices, and no reaction is surprising.
People are different. After receiving a favor, some people always want to repay it, while others have to weigh it carefully. Some people even downplay past favors.
Sure enough, after some communication, someone fell silent and finally called back, apologizing and saying that he could not take action this time and refused.
There are also some people who are not in the communication service area and are currently out of contact. They cannot be found for the time being and do not know where they are.
As time goes by, the atmosphere becomes more solemn day by day. There is extreme tension between Wujie Mountain and Four Avenues. It is like the arrival of the Ice Age, freezing all contacts and relationships. There have even been bloody conflicts outside the venue when robbing people.
Not long after, Ling Qingxuan called and said: “Kong Xuan, the situation has changed now. Even if we want to trade, we can’t directly protect your old friends.”
Wang Xuan nodded, this is the truth.
Everyone, including Qingkong, Wolverine, Luo Ying, Young Wolf Sky and others, will enter the bloody battlefield. Now it is a problem for Wang Xuan to find someone to trade and protect with Yuan Sheng relics.
“We have chosen a compromise plan, and we will keep in close contact to discuss it in detail.”
Then, Wang Xuan knew that Xuankong Ridge would also establish an observation point at the bloody battle site. They were very confident that it would be safe enough.
/At that time, Hanging Ridge may be able to lure Wolverine, Jin Ming and others in and protect them until the war ends.
Wang Xuan was speechless, who proposed this observatory?
Is it just reserved for each company to conduct transactions and some “technical” operations?
/Every day that passes, the clouds of Dao struggle in