a giant cat, was no longer calm and calm. It let out a strange roar, its iron tail drooped, and active metal liquid emerged from its copper head. It ran wildly all the way and rushed into the deepest part of “You”‘s dojo.

Not only the saints, but also more strangers arrived, allowing them to “observe the ceremony” from a distance.
In addition, there are some powerful, stunning and powerful transcendent beings. If they are willing to come, they will be allowed to have the opportunity to witness this unprecedented “event”.
/Wang Xuan is naturally qualified to come here, but he does not come from the Demon Court, but from the ancient and modern dojo.
Not far away, Wang Dao didn’t say a word and came to the scene in person, but he didn’t dare to join Wang Laoliu.
Because the situation in this place was very complicated, all eyes were on Wang Xuan, and there were many hostile creatures. Lu Yun, Qi Yuan, Jing Li and others walked directly over.
“Everyone, if there is a drastic change, I hope that we can help each other in the future.” Wang Xuan took the initiative to speak.
“Brother Wang is the best among his peers and has surpassed generations of people. Naturally, we are willing to form an alliance.” Although Lu Yun, the Ultimate Limit Breaker, is a woman, she is also very decisive and straightforward, expressing her position on behalf of some of the true saint disciples in the 36 heavens behind her.
In an instant, a small alliance quickly formed here.
All over the extraordinary world, various abnormal phenomena occurred today.
“What’s going on? The waves of the extraordinary sea of ??light hit the outer universe. Could it be that the extraordinary center is about to move? Oh my god, what a terrifying event.”
/“What’s going on? Today, when I became an immortal and passed through the tribulation, the thunder actually collapsed automatically, and the tribulation didn’t dare to land?”
An old stranger who had been practicing hard for many years raised his head and said: “Today, all the supreme beings have set out, and all the true saints in the extraordinary center have activated their authority. It is very decisive. Either Nirvana will be reborn, or it will be completely destroyed?!”
On the 36th level, in the Taoist temple of “You”, there is only one Ten Thousand Dharma Tree, which is scattering petals that seem to never fall, flying in succession and flowing with a soft Taoist rhyme.
There is no other scenery here, only a huge palace, which is very empty and can even be said to be monotonous. There is only one futon on the floor for the saints to sit on.
Apart from this, there is nothing else.
“According to the agreement, we have brought back Heng, Taichu Mothership, Scavenger, etc. who are going to explore the way, so as to truly understand whether the other side has any ill intentions towards us.” The demon clan giant Gu Sanming said.
In “You”‘s dojo, the supreme beings had already arrived, and the atmosphere was depressing. They went straight to the topic without saying much about other matters.