f the six realms to break through. It is not the blessing of power, but the penetration of perception. He can penetrate deep into the mist and touch the wine glass.

Just like back then, in the world section of the 34th level, others could not see or touch the scenery. Only he could. He could even see the bloody corpse of the old saint and pick up utensils.
“It’s a pity that I can only taste a little bit of the wine pulp, but I can’t drink it freely after all.” Someone expressed regret.
/The Beast King clapped his hands, and immediately, a group of very beautiful women came in and performed a dance that was pleasing to the eye.
King Xiong excitedly poked the green bull with his hand and said, “Is the one in the center the third princess of the imperial court?”
Qingniu calmly said: “Drink your wine, she is many generations older than your grandma Xuanzu.”
At this moment, an old man among the kings of this era stood up and said angrily, “Beast King, I have a feeling. There is a person here who deceives his teachers and destroys his ancestors. He once punched and kicked me across the decaying universe. , I want to clean up the door!”
His words actually came out clearly and were heard by everyone, without being blocked by time, space and cause and effect.
Hong Xiu whispered: “The Avenue of Balance is everywhere. This is the retribution of this world. You have to pay back the cause and effect.”
Many people on their side were speechless, and their eyes were focused on one person. It was the evil saint who behaved cruelly when he met the ancestors. He seemed to be unable to hear the ancestor’s words and took action directly.
The grumpy old man kept his head down and did not look at the other side. However, he was still discovered by the Patriarch, and the other party had an inexplicable sense and knew something bad.
“It’s really bad to bully your master and destroy your ancestors. It’s not the moral character we should have. You can go out and solve it yourself.” The Beast King said.
“Get out of here!” the ancient beast king shouted, and he walked out first.
Lu Po sighed with emotion: “Everyone, when meeting the ancestors, going on magical journeys, etc., it is better not to make random connections between cause and effect, otherwise you will have to pay back at any time.”
Outside the giant palace, a fight really broke out. The grumpy old man is indeed cruel. Even in a place like this, he still fights back and bullies his master and destroys his ancestors.
“Which traitor would accept an unworthy descendant like you? What a disgrace to our lineage!” The Patriarch was furious.
Although he has a very deep Taoism in this space and time, the two of them are separated by the heavy fog and cannot touch each other. They watch the various Taoisms transpiring, but no one can hit the other.
“I wonder why the Beast King summoned us?” Someone in the central giant palace couldn’t help but asked.
The Beast Emperor suddenly became serious and solemn, and said: “I want to do a big thing, but I don’t dare to transfer the king