r the support of the supreme creature cloud will know a lot of things if he casually explores the situation. This is to summon Kong Xuan to serve.

They asked several times, but Qingkong pushed them away.
/She informed that Kong Xuan was not a member of the Black Peacock Clan. He had only lived here for a while and was not a disciple here. He was completely free and had left long ago.
“However, we checked and found that he once practiced here. You gave him rare scriptures that can mutate his bloodline, Taoism, etc. For example, the wolverine also practiced it. Three fundamental divine feathers sprouted from his head, and five colors bloomed from his tail. The divine light can be regarded as a great blessing. I think that Kong Xuan’s such achievements must have something to do with this sutra. He must have mutated back then, so how can he be considered a free body? He should be from Black Peacock Mountain disciple.”
The stranger sitting under Yun Fu didn’t believe it, and after careful investigation, he said such a statement.
/Qingkong didn’t want to drag Wang Xuan into this dojo, not only because the atmosphere here was tense and high-pressure, but mainly because he didn’t want him to lose his freedom.
She knew very well that with Wang Xuan’s talent, where could he not practice? He is destined to become the True Saint of the Royal Dao in the future. If you call him here, you will be harming him.
In other people’s territory, various troubles may occur. She felt that Wang Xuan had too many secrets, and if the other party wanted to explore them, the problem would be very serious.
In addition, Wang Xuan has always been very strong and very tough. Although he has gotten rid of all the troubles he caused, it will be completely different if he enters the mountain gate. It is equivalent to putting the reins on him. Do you want to listen or not?
Therefore, no matter who came to ask, Qingkong turned them away. At first, he politely refused and explained gently, and in the end, he simply refused to discuss the matter again.
Therefore, even if she is a stranger, she is treated coldly in the dojo of the supreme being Yunfu, and even the Black Peacock Mountain is not well received.
It would be fine if it was just like this, but in recent years, the other party has gone too far.
A disciple of a strange person sitting under Yun Fu once said with a smile that he heard that the black peacock tribe’s dance was very wonderful. I wonder if he could appreciate it?
This is equivalent to uncovering the bloody scars of the Black Peacock Clan, because long ago in the old era, the Black Peacock Clan was reduced to the point of being given away, resold, and became dancing girls in various sects.
Later, the old peacock followed the True Sage Wujie. From that era, the fate of the clan began to change.
Now someone is mentioning it like this. I don’t know if he is talking to Qingkong or other people in Black Peacock Mountain, but it is both inappropriate.
Although Langtian didn’t elaborate, just a few words, Wang Xuan was already very