lost his hair, and the guy who was under pressure to pay off his mortgage, were also ordinary people.

He quietly explored his spiritual consciousness and cautiously approached each one. Finally, he was sure that there was no transcendent person on the entire planet. No wonder the “enlightenment” was so high. There was no need to return to nature. It was originally true.
What is going on in the so-called real place? There are supreme Lupo bosses, but also many ordinary people? Wang Xuan gradually became more courageous, going in and out of various star fields to explore seriously.
He discovered that extraordinary things had never arisen here. They were all people’s imaginations and novel creations. There was no such thing in historical records, and there had never been any myths.
/The transcendent world has never been born here, and there is not a single mythical factor. Therefore, in the moment of eternal silence, there is no decay here, and there is no such atmosphere.
/But Wang Xuan didn’t understand that he had indeed broken through the Black Umbrella of Eternal Silence and came to the top of it. Isn’t this a real place? Furthermore, when he just penetrated the umbrella, he picked up the holy-level remnant weapon Wanfa Stone Arrow. And the traces of the most powerful people in the world scratching the deep space and the cracks that split the universe are clearly shown there, all of which are evidence of the true saint.
With a dull expression on his face, Wang Xuan stalked through the universe. After investigating for a long time, he left through the crack in the universe.
He looked at the black umbrella of eternal silence that was so huge that it had no boundaries and no one knew where it was expanding, and he pondered for a while.
He couldn’t help it anymore and wanted to trace some things back. He took out the broken sacred weapon Wanfa Stone Arrow and brought it to the place where it was found to start tracing it.
Of course, Wang Xuan was on alert in advance. He was wet, standing in the misty depths of the lake, grabbing the edge behind the boat, ready to escape at any time.
He activated it and went back in time to check the origin of Broken Arrow and how it ended up here.
Sure enough, he sensed a huge source of myth, so terrifying that even if it was located far away, it still gave people an irresistible sense of oppression.
Wang Xuan felt familiar, and the scene that followed made him feel bad, and his expression turned dull again.
That is the source of myth No. 3. It crossed over from a distance many years ago, and there were saints fighting. The broken arrow floated over after being broken in the distance.
“How did the source of myth No. 3 come to the Black Umbrella of Eternal Silence? Like me, break through the umbrella and see the real place?”
Wang Xuan muttered to himself, suddenly feeling a little flustered. He had some very bad associations. At this time, he was no longer afraid, and rushed towards the area where the strongest man in the world was scratching the deep space, and in front o