and frightened?”

The mysterious woman flew into the mist. Although she was extremely beautiful, she had a “stinky” face and was not very happy. Her powerful aura shook the mist.
She has never done such dirty and tiring work for others as she does now, and she takes the back seat, takes the blame, and blocks the knife. What kind of nonsense is this?
How could she take such a “bad job” in that distant past?
Although her memory is still incomplete, she feels that her past self would probably not do this, so even if the deal is reached and completed, she is still very uncomfortable now.
But the young man from later generations gave her a bared smile and said, “It’s a pleasure to cooperate.”
Then, Wang Xuan looked at the No. 3 Transcendent Realm outside the fog, and his expression darkened slightly. The monsters on the road to return to the truth are really difficult and powerful.
If it’s just him, it doesn’t matter, and he’s not afraid of them tracing back, how can he stand up to him? There is definitely no way to catch up with him.
The reason why he asked the woman in the stone slab to deal with the aftermath was mainly because he did not want to lead the war to the new mythical world, and did not want to affect the extraordinary sources No. 1 and No. 2.
After all, the event he came to seize so many great powers from No. 3 Source was too big.
/Before coming, he had made an agreement with the woman in the stone slab. If there was a way to trace the monster in the wonder of death, she would take the blame.
/“The conflicts and troubles on the road to return to the truth, please go to the road to return to the truth to resolve them.” Wang Xuan said to himself, this time the hidden danger was successfully transferred.
When the woman in the stone slab heard this, she didn’t even want to look at him seriously. What nonsense was this?
“Four avenue gourds are too few. I’m going to plant a few more gourd vines. If necessary this time, let’s work together more closely.” Wang Xuan said.
He was a little annoyed that he was actually being chased. If he hadn’t made arrangements in advance and prepared carefully, he would have suffered a big loss.
The female god in the stone slab did not want to pay attention to him or talk to him. She always felt that reaching such a deal today seriously violated her original intention.
Wang Xuan was very decisive. He suddenly appeared at the core of Source No. 3, suddenly pulled out the divine vines of creation, and directly obtained two more plants, alarming the demons and ghosts in Zhenghe Guizhen’s wonderful scene.
“I got a total of 6 Dao gourds this time. Am I destined to be 6 all my life?” Although Wang Xuan does not believe in evil, it is a pity that it is really laborious to pull out this kind of divine vine. He should not have time to take action again.
“Hey, they hesitated?!” He was surprised to find that the other party was afraid?
Sure enough, even though the other party was very restrained, they couldn’t help it anymore and they all came over.
“Your Majesty, erase all tr