this is a very loving couple.

They were so affectionate that even though the hostess didn’t like dogs, she still acquiesced to Professor An to temporarily leave the dog at home, waiting for the owner to claim it.
/However, the mistress also had a request and she did not allow the dog to stay in the house.
Professor An had no choice but to keep the dog outside.
At this time, some viewers noticed that there was an abandoned kennel in the courtyard of Professor An’s house.
Why are there kennels?
The theater representatives who are in the audience have no way of knowing, and this seems to be a foreshadowing.
Professor An worked hard for a long time. After sweating profusely, he finally renovated the kennel and placed the dog in it.
When turning back to the house, Professor An heard the dog barking softly.
He paused, turned around and looked at the dog, only to find that there seemed to be a trace of grievance in the dog’s eyes.
The audience was once again moved by this wonderful feeling. Their hearts felt like they were melting, and they wanted to hold the dog in their arms to comfort them immediately.
They couldn’t imagine seeing emotions in a dog’s eyes
At the train station, the dog’s eyes were filled with confusion, panic, and vague fear.
At that time, everyone thought it was a wonderful coincidence caused by the director’s handling of light and use of lenses.
But at this time, the trace of grievance in the dog’s eyes could not deceive anyone, and it also made everyone realize that perhaps the emotion revealed by the dog was not due to the coincidence of the lens and lighting.
The little guy is really wronged!
The theater representatives who already knew each other spoke softly:
“I actually saw the acting skills in a dog’s eyes. This dog’s acting skills are even better than many young actors!”
“Where did I find this dog? It’s so suitable. I want to keep a dog like this.”
“A dog like this will naturally win the favor of the audience.”
“Dogs definitely don’t understand acting. Maybe this is the dog’s true feelings.”
“What should I do? It’s so cute!”
“I really like this dog.”
As he expected, the audience fell in love with Xiao Ba as quickly as possible.
But this group of people would never have imagined that the dog’s acting skills are so good because of Xianyu.
If so many people on the crew hadn’t witnessed it with their own eyes, it would be hard for Yi Chenggong to imagine that someone could let dogs cooperate with the crew to perform.
“Sorry, I have to wrong you tonight. I hope someone will pick you up tomorrow.”
Professor An said to the dog with a wry smile, then turned back to the house.
The lens changed to black, white and gray.
This is the dog’s perspective, huddled in the kennel, looking out through the exit.
The lonely courtyard was empty except for the moon hanging high in the night sky and the unknown chirping of insects in the darkness.
this moment.
What arose in the hearts of the audience was a strong feeling of distress for the dog and dissatisfaction with the inhum