nghua Sect. What this woman practiced was the “Five Snakes Assisting the Sky Ascending Clouds and Flying Dragon Sutra”, and she also practiced the “Dragon and Snake Shape Hidden Scenery Cave Abyss Guiyuan Jue”. Zhongyi Li cannot be explained in a sentence or two. All you need to understand is that in the Yuanmen sect, due to the tyranny of the sect and the excessive advancement, there is often a custom of cultivating cauldrons for the disciples of the sect to refine their magic power with the Yin and Yang Dao. .

And some sects have such a long tradition. As time goes by, they even form a lineage of inheritance. At that time, they were still practicing the Yin and Yang Dao, but they got rid of the theory of furnace and cauldron, although they were very different inside. , 99% of the benefits are in that Taoist disciple, but he can also teach another person to have some chance to transform and sublimate, from the snake dragon to the five energy, and evolve into the five dragons! ”
Chu Weiyang, who was quite envious and jealous after hearing Chunyuzhi’s words, suppressed all the turbulent emotions at this time, and almost instantly thought of the more profound details behind it.
Behind the Fire Scale Island, the so-called envoy of this woman is still just a cover. The real heel, the source of everything behind it, is the Taoist disciple of the Huanghua Sect.
/But Huang Hua Zong Daozi, who was in the midst of a disaster in the outer sea, really needed someone who was secretive and concerned about his reputation.
In just one thought, a figure of Zhang Du appeared in Chu Weiyang’s mind!
So, when the lunar thunder was dissolved, the five-color dragon looked like a torrent and arrows, rushing toward Chu Weiyang.
On the spot, Chu Weiyang spoke up and said in a calm voice.
“Except for the stupid youngest of the monks from Fire Scale Island who you gathered together, the other three people have problems, all of them have big problems!”
The strong wind that was originally blowing towards him suddenly stopped and stopped in front of Chu Weiyang.
“The poor Taoist master can naturally understand the secret method clearly. I also have my own way to show the phantoms of those memories outside, just like I was on the bank of the Baoping River in the past.”
The five-color divine flower solidified in the mid-air, and then, the figure of the female cultivator walked out of it.
“I don’t care about reputation. I think you don’t care much about it, girl. But Zhang Daozi is afraid that he will be the Young City Lord of Daocheng. At worst, he is also the senior brother of Daozi of Huanghua Sect. His reputation…”
In the same place, the female cultivator’s face turned grim again. If she was angry when she took action before, then this time, the female cultivator seemed to have truly murderous intentions.
But she never took action again.
“Master Five Poisons! What on earth do you want to do!”
Hearing this, Chu Weiyang smiled.
/“There is no such etiquette. You know that Pindao is a Taoist of Five Poisons, but Pindao still doesn’t