nd physical body are so tyrannical. The above-mentioned palace secret method empowers my mana and body, and I shot with all my strength. Even a master of the Void Refining Realm could not bear it. Not to mention being broken by his blow, the remaining power almost broke my heart.

Zhu Qilan was so frightened that he almost survived, and he used his exercises to speed up the recovery of his injuries. While guessing at Lu Bei’s true level of cultivation, he was upset that such an important variable had been missed due to the lack of detail in this trip.
Never let him go! x2
The black and white beams of light reappeared, Lu Bei’s black hair fluttered, he jumped into the air and rushed in front of Zhu Qilan , and the black magic knife pierced his heart.
Zhu Qilan shouted low, his grimace mask cracked, frost formed on Rufeng’s eyebrows, and the long knife in his hand reached straight up.
In the mountain pavilion far away from the trading conference, five demon cultivators in the God Transformation Realm each occupied a corner of the round table, and no one spoke for a long time.
“Old friends, we are all familiar acquaintances. If outsiders see this indifference, it will only add to the laughing stock.” The old devil in blood said, he is one of the leaders of this magic cultivator trading conference.
/“The old ghost in red is right. There are no outsiders here. It’s rare for us brothers to get together. It’s better to choose a different day than to hit the sun. We should go to the back mountain to have a discussion.” The zombie-faced Taoist used his fangs to grind his sharp nails, scarlet His eyes flicked around, looking at this and that, as if to determine where the blood food would be tonight.
“Hmph, I’m going to spar with you and get your blood, so that your magic power will increase a lot?”
In the corner of the round table, a dark coffin was placed neatly. There were ghostly sounds and strange sounds, and it was difficult to distinguish between men and women for a while.
“I compete with others. I can have a hot drink with you.”
The zombie-faced Taoist said with disdain: “Your skeleton falls apart at a moment’s notice, and you can’t squeeze out a drop of oil or water. You want to compete with me, but it was about the same eighty years ago.”
“No more nonsense, you three don’t need to reenact it. You three will take the lead in this trading conference. Let’s just tell you why you called my two brothers here.”
Although the last two demon cultivators have the same appearance, they are very easy to distinguish because one is smiling and the other is angry and dressed in black.
Hearing this, the three leading demon cultivators looked at each other, and the old demon in blood said: “Black Evil Lord and White Evil Lord, you two started in the far west. Unlike us, Wu Zhou has been wandering for many years and has been lonely for half his life. “Helpless”
“Speak directly if you have anything to say. If I want to know about the situation in the Far West, there is no harm in telling you.” The black-faced Bai Xi