is news is officially announced, the fairy tale world will definitely be turned upside down!”

While the industry is discussing
Lin Xuan was at home staring at her baby brother with a smile:
“Any more?”
Lin Yuan was stunned for a moment: “What?”
Lin Xuan’s smile remained the same: “Of course it’s a fairy tale.”
Lin Yuan said: “Yes”
Lin Xuan looked a little surprised: “Really?”
Lin Yuan answered affirmatively.
If his sister still needs it, he can continue to customize it with the system.
Lin Xuan’s face gradually became serious: “In this case, there is something I must tell you.”
“what’s up?”
“Although this matter has not yet been determined, it will definitely be implemented next year. The Literary and Art Association plans to make a fairy tale series, including some excellent short fairy tales. If Chu Kuang can still write fairy tales, why not write more, maybe there will be a chance included in it.”
Lin Yuan was surprised.
Lin Xuan’s face softened slightly: “You don’t have to put too much pressure on Chu Kuang. At least there is still a high hope that “Snow White” will be included in this series. There hasn’t been such a famous new fairy tale on the market for a long time. If it really wants to be included, when this series of books comes out, Chu Kuang’s works will have the chance to influence a generation.”
Lin Yuan:
He quickly figured out the key.
There is no doubt about the power of the Literary and Art Association. The officially compiled fairy tale series will definitely be distributed in the form of tasks. Countless schools will promote it by then. It is recommended that parents buy a set of extracurricular books for their children.
Will parents say no?
This is impossible!
Parents trust the school and the literary and art association the most. They will only support this kind of thing and will never refuse it. They are definitely willing to pay the bill!
The impact of this would be terrible!
It is almost as if this fairy tale series promoted by the Literary and Art Association will appear in the homes of countless children in the future!
In other words:
In the future, most children will start reading these officially promoted fairy tales at a very young age, and the fairy tales included in them will definitely affect the childhood of countless children.
Lin Yuan smelled the smell of fame.
A fairy tale series that may influence a generation!
Just thinking about it, Lin Yuan seemed to be able to see the full reputation value overflowing from the gaps in the fairy tale series, exuding golden light and making people salivate.
What about publishing your own awesome works?
Is it easier to gain reputation than officially recommended books?
/Lin Yuan has not forgotten the fear of being dominated by required extracurricular books as a child:
You must know that there are always some extracurricular books that teachers require you to read.
Even if these extracurricular books have nothing to do with the textbooks.
Lin Yuan’s few memories of his previous life still vaguely recall